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Bedtime Stories app review: help kids sleep better



Anyone who has ever tried to soothe a kid to sleep can attest to the fact that it is not always easy. Most kids have weird imaginations that tend to deter them from sleeping. has come up with an advanced iTunes app, Bedtime Stories to help parents and guardians to solve their children-sleeping problem by using some thrilling and imaginative stories. 

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A Whole New Way of helping you Kid Sleep Better

Bedtime stories app offers hundreds of classic bedtime stories to help kids sleep peacefully at night. Studies show that lack of a good night sleep can lead to numerous health complications that can affect growth and development of your child. The developer understands this fact too well as evident from the amazing features that this app offers.

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Unlike other apps whose stories focus on one or two attributes, this one will help trigger their imagination through some of the best fairies, trolls, imps, monster stories and even creatures that makes childhood life nothing short of spectacular.

If you do not like a particular story, all you have to do is flip or click the “more” tab to access other bedtime fair tails. This is very easy as the tabs are clearly indicated at the lower section of the interface. Each story has a background that will help to grasp the attention of your child as you read the story to them. It will also help you to concentrate and flow the story. To get the best results, it is recommendable to use facial expressions when narrating the story to help you kid understand it better especially when reading some of the climax sections. 

Features that Make Bedtime Stories Unique

Apart from the excellent interface, this app has a share function that allows users to send some of the stories to friends and colleagues through Facebook. Once you input the account details, the app will work smart to post an update on your timeline within two seconds or less.

To meet the diverse clients’ needs, this app is available in different languages, English, German, and French. Most of the people who have tried out love the Grimm Fairy tales that it offers. More importantly, the developer has put in place a team of expert personnel who are always available to respond to clients' queries.

Kids love images that are easy to understand. In response to this fact, the developer has incorporated images on every story. This means that you do not have always read the stories aloud; you can show them the images. Alternatively, you can use images to explain various scenes to them.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy bedtime stories that kids can understand
  • Unique interface that is friendly to kids
  • High definition images to help explain various scenes
  • Wide selection of stories


  • Some of the users complain that the background affects visibility of the words

Final Words

Bedtime stories is an amazing app that you can use to help your child sleep better. The interface is very easy to navigate and each story is different from the others. 

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