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Crossy the Chicken app review: join this chicken in endless jumping fun



It's time for a little endless runner action and in this game the star is a rather unexpected and rather fun one. The Crossy the Chicken app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will have users taking part in an endless adventure with a cute little chicken. The star of this game is Chicken Crossy and his favorite thing to do is cross the road. The game controls are responsive and smooth so that you can fully focus on the fun at hand.

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Crossy the Chicken - Endless run


Cross the Road

It's time to start crossing the road with the Crossy the Chicken app. In this endless runner style game you need to keep on crossing the road without getting hit of course. You'll need to jump over every car that stands in your way. In order to jump just tap on the chicken and that's it. The game starts out easy enough but you'll quickly find that things change. The cars will start driving faster and faster making it much harder to jump over them all. The graphics feel retro and cool as is the sounds, the whole experience is light and casual.

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The app is a new release so with that said it doesn't feature any updates. The app currently has a perfect five star rating from users and the customer comments couldn't be better. Players love how easy it is to understand, the challenge it offers, and how addictive it is. The app is ad supported but they don’t get in the way.

Jump over the cars and avoid hitting them
Jump over the cars and avoid hitting them

Fun for All Ages

The Crossy the Chicken app is fun for all ages thanks to the simple controls and rules of the game. As soon as you launch the app you’ll be ready to play, there is no tutorial needed. The trick is in the timing so that you jump the car at the exact right time which ensures you not only jump in time but stick a perfect landing. Be prepared because the game moves fast, the longer you last the higher your score will be. You can always replay to better your score. When you get those really impressive scores you can share them on Twitter and Facebook. The app supports Game Center so you can see how you stack up against the others.

It’s a relatively simple offering without added features and tools but they aren’t needed or missed. This is just one of those perfect casual games to have fun with.

Share your high scores on Twitter and Facebook
Share your high scores on Twitter and Facebook

Crossy the Chicken - Endless run


Pros and Cons


  • The app features endless runner style gameplay so you can play as long as you like
  • The game controls are simple and smooth
  • You can share your high score on Twitter and Facebook
  • The game can be played by all ages


  • The app is supported by ads
  • There aren’t many added tools and features

Final Words

The Crossy the Chicken app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a casual game with cute sounds, graphics, and gameplay that all ages can enjoy.

Crossy the Chicken - Endless run

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