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Candy World Quest app review: test out your donut-throwing accuracy



It's time to take on a new challenge and it's really quite fun as it involves throwing donuts. The Candy World Quest app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a social game that feels unique and fresh, two things many players are looking for. This is a relatively new release and gives players an option now that they have played Angry Birds until they're blue in the face. Enjoy the many stages of this game, which means plenty of hours' worth of fun.

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Candy World Quest: Donut Toss Challenge


Sweet-Themed Fun

Here's a chance to enjoy some rather sweet-themed fun with the Candy World Quest app. This world is filled with lollipops, chocolates, candies, candy apples, marshmallows, and more. In fact there’s a good chance you’ll work up an appetite just playing this game. There are numerous levels, more than 50 to be more specific, and all the levels feature slick 3D graphics. You can play daily and also reap in the daily rewards. To offer an extra challenge the game is integrated with Facebook so you can compare scores. The goal here is to toss donuts and hit the target right on so you can move to the next level and get to know all new candies and regions.

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Because the app is still new it doesn't yet have any updates or a customer rating. Customer comments are very positive with players calling it plenty of fun. The app is free to play but you can purchase gold bars for $0.99. The app is available in a few different languages which are English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Enter the map of all the levels
Enter the map of all the levels

The Gameplay Experience

With Candy World Quest you're in for an engaging and fast-paced experience where you'll keep telling yourself just one more level, just one more level, yet you never seem to put it down. Once you launch the game you are taken to the map where you begin the first stage. Not only are you trying to clear the stage but you want to earn all three stars for the top marks. When you begin each stage you are given the goal for the level and the instructions on how to complete this task.

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For a casual game the graphics are actually pretty impressive and fun. The music adds more fun to the game as well. The game controls are really simple and you’ll be using physics in order to throw the perfect toss.

The app is smooth and easy to play
The app is smooth and easy to play

Candy World Quest: Donut Toss Challenge


Pros and Cons


  • The game uses physics
  • There are more than 50 levels to complete
  • The app supports the Game Center and Facebook integration
  • The 3D graphics are fun and add to the game in a big way
  • The app can be played by kids and adults


  • The game is very simple so it may be too simple for some

Cute 3D graphics
Cute 3D graphics

Final Words

The Candy World Quest app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with more than 50 levels of tasty-looking fun. This is a very simple and smooth game to play that combines challenge with fun.


Candy World Quest: Donut Toss Challenge

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