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Peacock Darts app review: it's time to help the peacock 2021



It's time to play pin the feathers on the beautiful peacock in this next game. The Peacock Darts games app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone allows users to pin the feathers to the tail of the peacock and by doing so you'll uncover a rather beautiful secret.

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In this iPhone games app you are working to become the "Pincock Master," which is no easy task, you're going to need accuracy and patience to succeed. It's a simple game that is filled with beautiful colors, smooth gameplay, and a whole lot of fun for all ages.

Keep reading our Peacock Darts app review to learn more about this top games app for iPhone and iPad gamers.

Peacock Darts - Pin the Bird


Pin the Tail on the Peacock

Here's a fun take on the "pin the tail" style game - here you'll be pinning the tail features on the beautiful peacock. The Peacock Darts app is a fun and beautiful offering that all ages can play. Once you manage to pin all the features on the peacock you’ll then unveil a surprise.

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Accuracy is the utmost of importance and if you manage to collect all the eye medals you'll then be crowned the “Pincock Master." The game controls are very smooth and responsive so accuracy isn’t impossible at all.

The app has just recently been updated with a number of bug fixes, new achievements, a bigger screen, and now there are new feathers that are more colorful than ever before. The app is free to play but if you want to remove the ads it requires a $0.99 in-app purchase. 

Launch the Fun

The Peacock Darts app allows users to launch the fun from the moment they start the app. The music is calming and soothing, much like the game itself. The app supports Game Center and the Leaderboards so while you’re busy having fun you can also be competitive with others.

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The gameplay is very simple you just need to tap on the feather to place it but at the same time you have to avoid placing it on top of any of the other feathers. The game is all about perfect timing so with that said it does take practice and patience.

There is one downfall with this app and that’s the fact the ads can get a bit distracting. They won’t interfere with gameplay but at the same time if you plan on playing the app often you’ll probably want to remove them.

Launch the Fun image

Peacock Darts - Pin the Bird


Pros and Cons


  • The game is very simple to play with smooth and responsive controls
  • All ages can play the game
  • The graphics and music are both relaxing and soothing
  • The app supports Game Center


  • The app is supported by ads

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Peacock Darts app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a game that is mesmerizing and addictive, featuring controls that are simple and smooth. Don’t let its simplicity fool you though as this one takes lots of practice in order to master it.

Peacock Darts - Pin the Bird

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