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Jolly Jingle app review: Christmas carols for kids



Christmas is an opportunity for you to share your year tidings and moments with friends and colleagues. It also gives parents a chance to buy their kids gifts that promote their growth and development. Jolly Jingle is an amazing app created by Hompimplay to help kids enjoy all the excitement that Christmas has to offer.

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Christmas Carols for Kids, Sing Along Songs - Jolly Jingle


How Does This Kid’s App Work

This is the most common question that parents ask when purchasing game oriented apps for their kids. One of the major highlights about this app is that it is fully compatible with iPhone and iPod touch devices. This review would not be complete without the mention of the clean user interface that this app offers. This means that you kids will not have spend hours learning how to operate the app.

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The developer has worked hard to come up with bright illustrations that will guide each user through the various features and song options. Even if your kids have little or no information on the various Christmas songs, the high quality audio and animated characters will help them to grasp the words and the message contained in each.

In addition, the vocals were originally performed by kids and later edited before been uploaded to the apps database. The app is also programmed to display the lyrics at the top section of the interface. Hence, parents can join and help kids to read and follow the lyrics. 

Best Features of Jolly Jingle That You Should Never Miss

It would be very boring to listen to the same songs every day. The developers understand this fact too well and have incorporated five songs and each has four variations. This means that your kid will get to enjoy over 20 tracks. The variations include kids’ choir, piano solos, instrumental versions, as well as female solo.

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The intuitive interface is very easy to use and it designed to help kids to learn the various Christmas carols at their own pace. That is, they have the option of replaying the whole song or certain sections in just one click. As they do so, they will get a chance to interact with all their favorite Christmas toys and characters.

Some of the songs that they will learn to sing include Up on the Housetop, Jingle bells, Frosty the Snowman, We wish you a merry Christmas and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. The sound is very consistent so you do not have to strain to grasp the words and phrases. 

Christmas Carols for Kids, Sing Along Songs - Jolly Jingle


Pros and Cons


  • High quality audio
  • Excellent interface that will paint a vivid image of Christmas to your kids
  • Regular updates
  • Ideal for kids above three years of age
  • The different variations of each song will trigger our kid’s creative skills


  • It would be great if the developer added more songs and variations as there are hundreds if not thousands of Christmas songs

Final Thoughts

Jolly Jingle is the ultimate source of Christmas Carols for kids, Sing along songs. This advanced app will surely give your kids a perfection impression of what Christmas festive season is all about. 

Christmas Carols for Kids, Sing Along Songs - Jolly Jingle

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