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The War of 1812 app review: an inclusive guide to historic sites involved in the War of 1812



The War of 1812: Guide to Historic Sites is an iPhone and iPad historical educational app based on the major PBS documentary entitled “The War of 1812.” It can use location based data to educate you on the specific site you are visiting, or you can choose the site of your interest from the classroom.

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The War of 1812: Guide to Historic Sites


Learn About the Many Sites of The War of 1812

Living in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, The War of 1812 is talked about a lot. This is one of the main battlefields that General Amherstburg and Tecumseh played a part in as well as many others. The app can use location based information, but it does allow the app to work in the background using your data. I declined the location data for this reason, but if you are on tour then it will be very useful. In fact, I went back into my settings to see how it would work with the location option turned on. I then checked out the various options available for my location.

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As mentioned above, I live in a historical site for The War of 1812. When I clicked on What’s Nearby, I pulled up 25 sites, six of which were under 13 miles. Now, growing up in Canada, I am not that familiar with miles and this measurement doesn’t mean that much to me, but I do know how far Fort Malden is because we go past it all the time in the summer. It’s not that far, and when my kids learn about The War of 1812 there are both many sites to visit, and this guide to help us start a discussion.

Main menu
Main menu

Tour Guide

The War of 1812: Guide to Historic Sites really is a tour guide in your pocket. When I turned on the location option I was presented with options from home right down through Marion, Indiana and up to Toronto, Ontario. This is a 205 mile distance which is obviously not a trip you would take just for a Sunday drive, but if you are a history buff, then you could easily take a trip on a weekend or plan a school field trip for higher grades. This guide has short blurbs that are easily digestible, and then there is a link to direct you through to further learning.

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The War of 1812: Guide to Historic Sites


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Based on actual facts that have been well-researched
  • Location based option to have the app find the battle sites closest to you
  • Short blurb to get you interested and provide key facts then direct you to a link for further learning


  • None found

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List view

Final Thoughts

The War of 1812: Guide to Historic Sites is an iPhone and iPad app that helps educate about the various battle sites from the War of 1812, their importance, and key players. It has a location-based option to narrow down the sites to a specific geographic area if you are near to sites, or you can scroll through the sites by geographical group. It is well organized and includes a vast amount of information that can be used for history class or as a tour guide. I am impressed with what it encompasses and will be keeping it handy for my children’s learning and teaching in the future.


The War of 1812: Guide to Historic Sites

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