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Anagramix app review: show off your word skills



Here's a chance to show off your word skills in a fast-paced and challenging game. The Anagramix app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides users with a highly addictive offering. In this game you'll need to move the letters around to create a word. That's only part of the challenge though, as you need to do it before the clock runs out of time and the faster you manage to put a word together the more you'll be rewarded. So here’s your chance to prove just what a wordsmith you truly are.

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Anagramix - word up!


Piece Together Words

Are you the type that can look at a mess of letters and put together words in your head? If so the Anagramix app is one that will provide you with a fast-paced challenge. There are 15,000 words for you to try to guess as you take a look at the letters before you and try to arrange them to create the proper word. The faster you create the word the higher your score and let's not forget there is a clock counting down. For each correct word you get you'll be able to advance to the next one.

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This app has just gone through a number of updates such as an upgraded version of the dictionary and now you can remove the apps as an in-app purchase. There are actually two in-app purchases priced at $0.99 and $9.99. The app doesn't yet have a customer rating but customers haven't been shy in leaving some rather positive comments.

Look at the jumble of letters and create the correct word
Look at the jumble of letters and create the correct word

Notable Features

The Anagramix app keeps things very simple and sleek thanks to the beautiful user interface. Players can choose between four different themes here. The app supports Game Center and there are five different Leaderboards to climb. It's also important to point out there are 11 achievements that you can unlock as you get better and better at the game. It’s important not to start feeling too comfortable in the game however as the level of difficulty increases pretty quickly as you move through the words.

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I happen to be a sucker for a good word game and this one certainly delivers in that regard. Even though it’s just a word game the graphics are quite surprising, the overall experience is very polished and sleek. If you plan on playing this game on a regular basis it’s well worth removing the ads.

Levels increase in difficulty as you work your way through them
Levels increase in difficulty as you work your way through them

Anagramix - word up!


Pros and Cons


  • There are 15,000 words to guess
  • The app supports Game Center, Leaderboards, and Achievements
  • The game controls are user-friendly
  • The user interface is modern and beautiful
  • Choose between four different themes
  • The levels increase in difficulty as you play


  • The app is basic in that there are no added features or tools, this is meant to be a basic but challenging word game

Final Words

Even though the Anagramix app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is extremely basic it’s challenging enough that you’ll find yourself playing this for long periods of time.

Anagramix - word up!

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