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PostLines app review: an innovative game that tells a story



Not all games are equal and some are meant to just offer casual gameplay without much of a back story. That's not the case at all with the PostLines app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone that features an engaging story and multi-touch gaming. This is a unique offering that stands out in all different kinds of ways such as with its graphics, its complexity of the story, and the incredibly responsive multi-touch gaming. This is a game that uses speed, logic, memory, and quick reflexes.

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Immerse Yourself in the Story

Here's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a story that is filled with cute characters, achievements, and challenges galore. The PostLines app is completely fresh and unique delivering a fun experience to users. In this game you will be following along with an intriguing story and the gameplay is actually wrapped up in the plot. In the game/story the main character needs a hand with posting mail. You'll need to begin by creating the pipeline and then depositing the many capsules into the mailboxes. You'll need plenty of patience and logic to succeed in this game because it's a very tough one to master.

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The app has just been updated with a number of small fixes. There are no in-app purchases necessary and this version of the app provides you with 69 levels over three chapters. The developer has plans to add seven more chapters which will feature brand-new twists, challenges, and new game features. There is no customer rating or customer comments at this time.

Tap your way through the game and the story
Tap your way through the game and the story

Challenge Yourself in a Number of Ways

The PostLines app will challenge you in all kinds of ways. As mentioned there are a few skills that will be used in this game which are quick reflexes, memory, accuracy, speed, and logic. When it comes time to delivering the capsules to the various mailboxes you'll quickly discover this task requires plenty of practice and you’ll need to build your own technique. Now here's another cool feature you can also play the game with others so that you can take on these challenges as a united force and perhaps have better luck.

There are collections to unlock and achievements motivating you to keep trying and perfecting your skills. The graphics are crisp and exact as is the game controls making this one a sleek offering.

Gather collectibles
Gather collectibles



Pros and Cons


  • The app combines an intriguing and interesting story with gameplay
  • The app uses touch functionality that is responsive and easy to pick up on
  • There are achievements to unlock
  • There are a total of 69 levels with more to come
  • The app is filled with challenges that require practice and skill


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Words

The PostLines app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is an example of drawing the player into the story and making them feel invested in the game.


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