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Traktor DJ app review: full-featured application for DJs on the go



Traktor DJ is a full-featured application that makes it possible for professional and hobby DJs to perform and create explosive disco mixes while on the go. This app offers cutting edge professional features that will make it easier for you to prepare set mixes for live performances during rave parties. Developed by Native Instruments, the app works with your iPad and it requires iOS 7.0 or higher.

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Traktor DJ


A Standalone App for Digital DJs

DJs the world over are burdened by the requirements of their profession. To pull off successful performances, disc jockeys need to bring with them expensive mixers and other bulky pieces of equipment. Traktor DJ can change all of these. With a portable app that works perfectly with the iPad, any DJ can mount a solid performance without the need for troublesome equipment.

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Traktor DJ is not just a simple companion app for traditional DJ software. It is a full-featured standalone system that allows you to create hours of music mixes to keep the parties raving all night. This app offers bi-directional sync functionality for multi-track mixes and for creating beat grids, loops, and cue points. It is designed both for professional DJs and for music fans who love mixing tracks and beats. 

Exciting Features of Traktor DJ for iPad

Traktor DJ features the familiar twin decks for mixing music tracks. The decks provide a platform which you can use to load tracks and mix different music and beats. You can use either deck A or deck B to play music and load multiple tracks from your iPad’s file manager. And if you want to shuffle music tracks, you just have to tap and swipe your chosen songs to transfer them between decks.

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One of the most useful features of Traktor DJ is its automatic beat match function which eliminates the need for manual selection of playlist. With auto beat match, all you need to do is to press the play button and the app will automatically cue your tracks for continuous playback. This is a good feature for DJs who need a quick solution for cueing a long list of songs and beats.

The application has a functional cueing system, too. If you are not fond of using its auto beat match tool, Traktor DJ allows you to simultaneously cue different tracks while you’re playing a tune.

Traktor DJ has the usual features found in most high end mixers. These include the flange and delay functions, the high pass and low pass filter options, and a unique freeze mode option. The app is also capable of creating loops and it can automatically detect tempo and key range.

And lastly, this application allows full integration with Audiobus for seamless interaction with other music apps.

Traktor DJ


Pros and Cons


  • Familiar twin deck features
  • With auto beat match and cueing system
  • Loads of features for easy mixing and looping
  • Impressive waveform interface
  • Record function
  • Integration with Audiobus
  • Supports different Traktor hardware


  • No negative review for this app

Final Thoughts

Traktor DJ is an impressive application that can revolutionize the art of live DJ performances. It is a cutting-edge portable app that simplifies the work of every DJ. So if you are looking for standalone music mixer system with advanced controls and effects, then this application is best for you.


Traktor DJ

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