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DJ Mix Pro app review: a simple DJ mixer with lots of exciting features



Anybody can be a DJ with the DJ Mix Pro app for iPhone and iPad. This application offers a balance mix of exciting features and simple interface. It is designed to be user friendly so that anyone with a smart device can mix multiple tracks to keep the party going. Created by Ladybird, this app is also compatible with iPod touch and requires iOS 5.0 or later versions.

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DJ Mix Pro


DJ Mix Pro Is for Everyone

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit the fact that it is difficult to mix continuous party music without the right digital mixer. Sure, there are some pretty good DJ applications in the market today. Unfortunately, some of these programs have complicated features that can be very intimidating.

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The good news is you can now become a full-pledged DJ even if you only have a basic idea for mixing different sound tracks. Thanks to DJ Mix Pro, anybody with an ear for good music mixing can be a DJ to get the dance party going.

This application offers the simplest features for mixing beautiful dance music. It is the perfect DJ tool for everyone. All you need is your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to load hours of continuous party music through DJ Mix Pro’s virtual turntables.

Best Features of DJ Mix Pro

The friendly user interface is one the strongest features of DJ Mix Pro. The developer made sure that the key features of the app can be found on the main screen.

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When you start the application, two virtual turntables are presented on screen. These turntables are your digital players which you can use to load and play music. Each player has its own set of controls for adjusting audio levels, for playback, and separate buttons to rewind or forward individual tracks.

The app allows you to manipulate the players so you can perform the usual scratching sound effects. You can crossfade two different songs by using the cross slider at the bottom of the screen. You also have full audio control for each player by adjusting the line volume slider. With these simple controls, you will be able to play, mix, and beat match any soundtrack you want.

DJ Mix Pro offers a visualization meter to help you determine the power output for each player. It allows you to find songs in your media library and load them into the players. You can cue at least two songs for each player to enjoy continues playback.

DJ Mix Pro


Pros & Cons


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can import songs from the device’s music library
  • Two digital players with simple controls
  • Allows sound effects such as scratching
  • Offers crossfade and mixing features
  • Simple audio controls with visual meters
  • Can play in the background


  • Takes several minutes to load the first songs

Final Thoughts

DJ Mix Pro is perfect for the casual DJs who love dance parties. It offers simple features that are ideal for DJs on the go. If you want to have fun mixing music to keep your friends entertained, then DJ Mix Pro is the right application for you.


DJ Mix Pro

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