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Sketch Rolls app review: a multi-purpose sketching tool that improves productivity



Sketch Rolls is a multipurpose app which can be used for drawing/sketching, note-taking, and sharing of ideas. It is a professionally designed application with powerful features that are ideal for office and school projects. Developed by Ordo Group, this application is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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Sketch Rolls


Not Just a Simple Sketching App

There are many sketching or drawing tools available in the App Store market today. Most of these tools, however, are either too heavy with unnecessary features or too simple to be useful for professional designs. With Sketch Rolls, you will get a balanced app that combines good form and function.

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Sketch Rolls offers you the ability to create excellent sketches, doodles, and drawings with its customizable pencil feature. You can also use it for note taking during office meetings or class lectures. Most importantly, the app allows you to share your sketches and notes to collaborate with colleagues.

Useful Features

Sketch Rolls offers a built-in tutorial which you can easily access when you start the app. The tutorial introduces you to the different functions and features of the app.  

This application works in landscape mode with a patent-pending ‘Extend’ feature that allows you to extend your drawings or notes across the screen without adding new pages. It is like working with an unlimited amount paper which you can roll sideways to get more drawing space. This is a unique concept which is also one of the most useful features of Sketch Rolls.

Sketch Rolls allows you to draw or write using your finger or stylus. You can start working with this app by tapping the circular sketch button. The app offers different brush sizes to help you create different kinds of sketches and drawings.

If you need more space for your drawings and notes, you can simply tap the ‘+’ button to create a new page. And with the Extend feature mentioned earlier, you can also slide the screen sideways to extend your work space.

Sketch Rolls offers an eraser tool and an undo button. You can use the eraser function of this app to remove certain parts of your drawing. You can also remove an entire page by holding down the eraser button for a couple of seconds.

This app allows you to export your drawings and sketches to PDF. You can then share your drawings with your colleagues by sending them the PDF file. You can also save your drawings in the native Sketch Rolls Format and share them to your friends who are using Sketch Rolls.

Sketch Rolls


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple controls
  • Comes with different brush sizes
  • Allows stylus
  • Useful eraser tool
  • Patent-pending Extend feature for panoramic drawings
  • Exports files to PDF
  • Comes pre-loaded with drawings and projects


  • Limited paper background option

Final Thoughts

Sketch Rolls is an easy to use drawing and sketching application that offers unique features. You can use this app for taking notes, for presentations of your sketches and drawings, and for making doodles of your designs. 


Sketch Rolls

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