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LED Paint Pro app review: doodle with LED lights



LED Paint Pro - doodle with LED lights is an iPhone and iPad game that turns your device into a Lite-Brite. There are several patterns to choose from, or you can use a photograph from your collection to create your art.

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LED Paint Pro - doodle with LED lights


Touch to Light

LED Paint Pro is an artistic app that allows the user to light up the pixels of the image using their finger. For youngsters, I would suggest using this app on the iPad for bigger pixels to click on. For travel play for adults though, this is a soothing and methodical game that is easy to do but very satisfying. I remember playing with the Lite-Brite when I was a child and craving to use the one Lite-Brite that the school had. I also remember the sadness when I had to pull off my pieces and destroy my creation. With this app, there is no destroying. You can save the image into your photo album, and clearing is as easy as shaking the device.

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Additionally, there is a full-screen paint board that automatically orientates to the design. If you are doing a landscape image, then you’re automatically in landscape, portrait the same. If you like a little randomization then you can turn on random colors too.

Other Options

LED Paint Pro also has grid-draw mode so that the LEDs will stick into the place according to grid lines and be perfectly aligned. If you want it to have a more natural feel, you can turn this off.  If you want to draw your own image, then you can try that too. It creates a fun lit up pixelated image straight from a 1980s computer screen.

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When you launch the app, there is a bottom side panel tool bar. All you have to do is push and slide the color panel to select your color, and then drag your finger to the area outside the tool bar to begin. If you want to switch from free-draw to grid-draw then there’s a LED in front of the color panel to click, and when you don’t want to see the tool bar there’s a full-screen option. When you need the toolbar back, just tap the i to get it back. There’s an eraser to get rid of a couple lights or you can shake to clear them all. Saving is easy too with the action button at the bottom right.

LED Paint Pro - doodle with LED lights


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Use pre-set designs or your own photo
  • Automatically orients images
  • Save, clear, erase
  • Many colors


  • None found

Final Thoughts

LED Paint Pro - doodle with LED lights is an iPhone and iPad app that turns your device into a Lite-Brite. It has grid-draw or free-draw options, and brings back happy memories for me of creating lit up images as a child. It was one of my favorites, and I have enjoyed playing with it to test. My six-year-old has really enjoyed making creations too.


LED Paint Pro - doodle with LED lights

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