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Horse Betting Quicktap app review: take your horse-betting skills to the next level



Placing bets on horse racing can a tricky affair especially if you do not know how to do it right. Horse Betting Quicktap developed by PTS innovations is an app that is tailored to give you an advantage when placing bets on various horses. It has been tested and proven effective in increasing players’ chances of winning bets.

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Horse Betting Quicktap


Take your Horse Racing Betting to the Next Level

This app is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is only 2.9 MB. Simply put, this app enables users to carry out quick analysis of a horse race without having to manually input all the required data. All you have to do is furnish the app with accurate answers to a number of simple questions.

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It has a very intuitive interface that makes it ideal for new, intermediate and experienced users. The good thing about this app is that it was developed by three handicappers who have years of experience and proven ability to make informed betting decisions in various tournaments.

The first information that you need to input is the number of horses expected to take part in the race. Then, select what the experts are choosing; note that you can choose up to three different experts. Other crucial information that is required is the speed ratings, favorites, longshots and finish history. 

Take your Horse Racing Betting to the Next Level image

Best Features of Horse Betting Quicktap

One of the attributes that makes it the best gaming prediction app in the world is its ability to generate precise results no matter the kind of data that you feed in. However, it is of paramount importance to ensure that you provide accurate data to get the best results.

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The developers have gone a step further to come up with a graphical way of displaying the results as well as text-based estimate of the results. Most users it attest to the fact that it is very easy to interpret the information that is presented. Now, all you need to do is collect as much data as possible of each horse to make the right decision.

Time is one of the most limited resources in the world. The developers understand this fact too well as evident from the manner in which the information is generated. In most cases, the test results will be made available to you in one or two minutes. 

Best Features of Horse Betting Quicktap image

Horse Betting Quicktap


Pros & Cons


  • Data is presented in standard racing format
  • Ability to leave out data if you wish
  • Ability to tap your selections easily without using onscreen keyboard
  • Can generate results numerous times per day
  • New version has give users ability to turn off animation to get faster results
  • Very stable


  • There is no guarantee that the data will help you win the lottery but it will surely steer you in the right direction

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Horse Betting Quicktap is a brilliant app that can give you a higher cutting edge in when placing bets on horse racing tournaments. It is very easy to use no matter your experience in this industry.

Horse Betting Quicktap

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