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Kindergarten Math app review: teach your kid how to solve subtraction, addition, and comparison questions



Mathematics is one of the hardest subjects for most students. Parents can hone their kids’ ability to solve mathematical questions by introducing various aspects at an early age. MeetHi, Inc has come up with a comprehensive math app, Kindergarten Math that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Kindergarten Math: Drills in Addition, Subtraction, Comparison


How This Brilliant App Works

Kindergarten math app offer mathematical questions that are based on State Board Mathematics Standards. Hence, you can be sure that all the skills and information that your kids will acquire is relevant. There is no limit on the number of addition and subtraction questions that you can do using the app. This is the major reasons why most parents, educational professionals, and kids love using this app.

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Unlike other apps that do not offer comprehensive guides to kids, this one starts out at basic level where kids are exposed to simple questions. The app will automatically increase the level of difficulty of questions depending on their scores. Nevertheless, parents can modify the level at any time once they are sure that the kid has mastered all the skills and calculations provided in the previous level. However, it is recommendable to allow the app to adjust the level, as it is more accurate in terms of recording scores after every session.

Best Features of Kindergarten Math App

One of the highlights about this app is that it records the scores in real time to ensure that your kid does not end up stagnating or doing the same simple questions repeatedly. More importantly, it records the dates that the tests are taken to guide you the parent as monitor his performance and progress in this subject.

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Currently, it is available in a number of languages namely English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and German. However, the developers are currently working hard to incorporate other languages so that it can be used from all over the world.

The new version 2.3 has excellent bug fix that completely solves the level issue and its performance is stable and reliable. It also generates a report that gives detail about the question, answer provided, and the correct solution if the kid happens to give the wrong answer. It also grades each session for easier monitoring.

The interface is very intuitive and user friendly so you do not need any prior experience to derive maximum utility from this app. The entire app is just 2.4 MB and it will not affect performance of your device in any way no matter the number of times that you use it per day.

Kindergarten Math: Drills in Addition, Subtraction, Comparison


Pros and Cons


  • Generates accurate results
  • Hundreds of quizzes in various topics
  • Easy to use
  • Offers comprehensive reports which contains answers, grade and date as well as time that the quiz was taken
  • Does not require any internet access to work


  • It only covers one subject; users will have to download other apps for other subjects

Final Thoughts

Kindergarten Math is a good educational app that you can use to equip kids with basic mathematical skills even before they enroll in school. It is imperative for parents to check their kids’ progress to provide the much needed support and guidance. 


Kindergarten Math: Drills in Addition, Subtraction, Comparison

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