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NearBy Nightlife app review: quick place locator



Looking for nightlife place can be a time consuming and tedious affair especially in a foreign country. has developed NearBy Nightlife app that is programmed to solve this problems completely. It is compatible with iPod touch and iPad and is customized for iPhone 5.

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NearBy Nightlife - Quick place locator


What Does This Brilliant App Offer

The nightlife app runs on a huge database that is packed with details of various nightlife places such as bars, breweries, beer gardens, dive bars, hotel bars, lounges, karaoke bars, strip bars, Gay Bars, Sake Bars, and the list continues. All the information you will find on this app is first validated and checked by administrators before being uploaded to the database to ensure that users get accurate search results every time.

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To achieve expected results, the social nightlife app is programmed to sort for information from various global SEO search engines as well as social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Using this technology, it is able to calculate the distance between your location and the site. More importantly, you will get access to high quality maps to ensure that you never get lost while driving around a new city.

Despite the numerous features that this app offers, it is very easy to use as the interface is clearly demarcated. For instance, when you search for wine bars, it will work smart to give you all bars that are in line with your search preference. All you need to do is tab on each result to get details about its location and distance.

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Special Features of NearBy Nightlife App

One of the features that makes this app unique is that you can use it from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. It also gives you a StreetView in 360 degrees to give you a clear perspective of the road or street that you should take to reach at your destination.

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To save time next time when looking for similar nightlife places, just create your own custom searches and save them on the same app. In addition, it is possible to have a custom location set or custom search history.

If you have friends who you would love to join you, you can share the search results with them through various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also direct the app so send them an email automatically by just typing in their specific addresses. 

Special Features of NearBy Nightlife App image

NearBy Nightlife - Quick place locator


Pos & Cons


  • Accurate results in real time
  • Provides street view make it almost impossible to get lost in a city
  • Great interface
  • Ability to share search results via social media and email
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portugese, and German languages


  • You need Internet access to enjoy all its features

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Final Thoughts

NearBy Nightlife is a very reliable app that you can use to get information on various nightlife places in your locality and even abroad. The database is updated regularly and the maps are very clear. You just have to type in the kind of places that you would want to go to and the app will generate accurate results in seconds. 

NearBy Nightlife - Quick place locator

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