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TOEFL Prep TestBank! app review: helping you ace your next TOEFL with ease



Are you struggling to find the time to review for your TOEFL? Do you need a personal reviewer who you can bring anywhere so you can practice the test anytime you want? What you need is TOEFL Prep TestBank. Developed by Allen Resources for iOS devices, this application offers a mobile solution to help you ace your exam. It contains thousands of test questions with answers and explanations prepared by perfect scorers of TOEFL.

The best iPad apps for teachers

TOEFL Prep TestBank!


Making TOEFL Preparation Easier and Convenient

TOEFL takers will tell you that the number one enemy of every examinee is finding the time to study and prepare for the exam. A typical prep book for TOEFL requires more than 350 hours of focused study. You will surely have a big problem if you are too busy with other priorities such as school work, office projects, and other personal commitments.

The best iPhone apps for teachers

The best solution is to get a mobile application that you can bring anywhere so you can review and study anytime you want. This is exactly the benefit that you can enjoy by using TOEFL Prep TestBank.

The app contains the latest updated questions and answers covering every subject of TOEFL. This app was prepared and developed by test takers who got perfect scores. It is also a recommended prep material by Johns Hopkins for incoming college students who need to take the TOEFL.

As a mobile application, you can bring Prep TestBank anywhere you go. It is a universal app that works on all iOS devices. It is like a personal tutor that resides in your smartphone or tablet. You can bring it out anytime you want to practice the test and study the difficult TOEFL subjects.

Features of TOEFL Prep TestBank

TOEFL Prep TestBank offers the largest and most comprehensive set of test questions. It contains 1,192 questions that cover all subjects of TEOFL. The app regularly updates its database so you can get the latest materials for your test.

The best iPad apps for teachers

To make sure that you can grasp the test, Prep TestBank offers thorough explanations and the rationale for every answer. You don’t have to use other references or books to know the insights for specific questions. The answers will be readily available for you in the app.

One of the best features of this app is its use of adaptive learning technique. At first, it randomizes the questions to prevent repetition of items that you have already answered. It will then recalibrate the stream of questions based on your performance. It will show you the questions that you’ve failed to answer until you get the right answer. The use of adaptive learning enhances your retention ability.

And lastly, Prep TestBank allows you to take mock exams for all subjects. The app records the results of each exam so you can track your performance. It will also rank your performance against other test takers worldwide.

TOEFL Prep TestBank!


Pros & Cons


  • With 1,192 questions and answers
  • Explanations are provided
  • Uses adaptive learning
  • With mock exams
  • Comes with performance tracking
  • Regularly updated database


  • More difficult questions are needed

Final Thoughts

TOEFL Prep TestBank is one of the best test taking apps in the App Store. It offers intelligent features that will surely sharpen your TOEFL skills. This app will help increase your confidence during actual exams.


TOEFL Prep TestBank!

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