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Motorcycle Maps app review: making your ride more convenient and fun



Motorcycle Maps is a very useful application for riders who often go on cross-country trips. It offers a detailed map of some of the best mom and pop establishments along your routes. It is not a navigational app but a road guide that helps you find businesses that service the riding community. This app is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Motorcycle Maps


Making Your Road Trip More Convenient

Do you need a place to sleep during your road trip? Or maybe you want to know whether there are diners, repair shops, and retail stores along your routes. When you go on a long cross-country road trip, it is very important to know where to find good local businesses that will service your needs.

The best iPad apps for bikers

Information about local mom and pop businesses that are located on obscure routes is provided by Motorcycle Maps. This is a unique application that offers route suggestions as well as a business finder. It offers a convenient way for you to find local shops while you are traveling across the back roads of the United States.

Motorcycle Maps take the guesswork and anxiety out of your road trip. This app will serve as your reference to find available service centers along the road.

Features of Motorcycle Maps

The core feature of Motorcycle Maps is its location finder for local businesses. When you open the app, a map of the U.S. will be shown to you. It allows you to select specific routes that match your travel plans.

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When you select a route, the application will show you different location points for local businesses. Simply select a specific location to view the name, contact information, and other details of the business. There are also links to the websites and social media pages of each business.

To make sure that you are taking the most convenient routes, Motorcycle Maps offers color coded route indicators. Green routes mean they are scenic roads. Purple routes are for intermediate riders while red routes are for more advanced riders. The app also provides the number and name of each route.

Motorcycle Maps offers links to Google Maps. You can use this feature to find navigation guides, in case you need help. The app also offers a section where you can view local weather data.

Motorcycle Maps is easy and convenient to use. Its main menu is easily accessible at the left-hand side of the screen. There are also map legends that are represented by colored icons and universally recognizable symbols.

Lastly, the developer of this app regularly offers map updates and new locations based on recommendations by other riders and travelers. Map updates are provided for free to users who downloaded the full version of this app.

Motorcycle Maps


Pros & Cons


  • A business finder map
  • Good list of local businesses
  • Provides basic business information with links to websites and social media pages
  • Route suggestions
  • Uses Google Maps for navigational help
  • Regularly updated
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Requires Internet connection to work

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle Maps is a unique application that will guide you through the different mom and pop businesses that service the riding community. It is a useful app that will make your road trips more convenient.


Motorcycle Maps

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