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Inspirational Wisdom Quotes and Sayings for Daily Inspiration & Peace of Mind app review: get inspired



Simplicity is not always a bad thing. Sometimes we need a break from the fast paced modern world, or at least a little motivation to keep us moving through it. Our history is full of inspirational people that have done just that for countless generations. As rich as the internet is as a tool to find great quotes from some of these larger than life individuals, it can be a little frustrating trying to pile through all the information available online looking for that perfect quote. Inspirational Wisdom Quotes is a great little app (that’s not really the full name) that removes frustration by finding the great quotes for you. It’s a free app and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Inspirational Wisdom Quotes and Sayings for Daily Inspiration & Peace of Mind


Finding Motivation

Inspirational Wisdom Quotes is all about what its name implies: providing pearls of wisdom to get you through your day. There are similar apps available in the App Store, and you can certainly find lots of websites that offer the same sort of service, but this app does it simply and does it well. Obviously this app has no need for little bells and whistles, and they haven’t tried to add any. That’s kind of refreshing, as the tendency these days is to take something simple and try and make it something more than it needs to be. At 96.2 MB it may seem like a bigger download than would be expected, but it’s packed with thousands of quotes.

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With thousands of quotes to choose from you’re not likely to run out of inspiration any time soon. It’s that richness of content that really sets this app apart. The beautiful background imagery doesn’t hurt either!

Using the App

Inspirational Wisdom quotes is an extremely easy app to use. When you first open the app you’ll be presented with your first quote right of the bat. Simplicity at its best! There are a few tools for navigation in this app, but there’s really nothing complicated. You’ll notice a bar at the bottom of your screen, beneath the quote. This is your navigation bar for the app. There are two arrows, and if you tap on these you can move back and forth between quotes. Don’t worry, if you’ve tabbed to the next quote and you want to go back you can easily do so. As you tab through the quotes you’ll notice it scrolls smoothly with a simulated page flip. This is a nice little touch.

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Probably the best feature of this app is the favorites option; by clicking on the star in the middle of the navigation bar you can save a quote you like in your favorites so that you don’t lose track of it later. By tapping on the blue button to the left of the star you can easily move back and forth between your favorites and the entire quote library. If you tap on the blue button to the right of the star you share your favorite quote, or even suggest the app to others. The only real drawback in this app is the ads along the bottom of the screen, but it really isn’t that distracting.

Inspirational Wisdom Quotes and Sayings for Daily Inspiration & Peace of Mind


Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • App's minimalist structure is actually refreshing
  • Thousands of great quotes


  • It does contain ads which you can’t get rid of

Final Thoughts

Sometimes simplicity really is better. Inspirational Wisdom Quotes is an app that has mastered the art of simplicity. Its purpose is to provide inspirational quotes, and it delivers. If you’re looking for a little mental boost this app is well worth the download. 


Inspirational Wisdom Quotes and Sayings for Daily Inspiration & Peace of Mind

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