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CloudNote Pro for Dropbox app review: the ideal note taking and writing app



Technology has redefined the manner in which people take notes and share information. CloudNote Pro for Dropbox is an amazing app that is designed to make it easy for you to take notes on you iPhone or iPad. The app was created by Daniel V.W and has already cut a niche for itself as the best note taking app in the world. Since its introduction into the market, it has generated hundreds of downloads and reviews.

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CloudNote Pro for Dropbox - Perfectly Synchronised Note Taking & Writing App


What to Expect from CloudNote Pro for Dropbox

This beautifully crafted app is designed to redefine the manner in which you take notes by allowing you to synchronize your devices with Dropbox. One of the major benefits of using this platform is that is free and gives users unlimited storage space. More importantly, you can access notes from anywhere in the world as long as your account is active and you have internet access. It is important to note that you do not have to synchronize it personally, as the app will do it automatically for you. This will save you time for other income generating activities.

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One of the key features that you should know about this app is that it has markdown support that allows you printing documents using AirPrint, view mails as PDF documents as well as preview documents before uploading them to your Dropbox account.

Typing new documents can be an uphill task, especially while on the road. The developers knows this fact too well and have incorporated an extend keyword that has designer typing buttons that you can use to edit documents and undo actions such as deleting words. 

Best Features of CloudNote Pro for Dropbox

One of the features that make this application unique is the unlimited opportunities that it allows users to save documents in subfolder and folders. A lot of programming was done by the developer to ensure that it works smoothly on both iPhone and iPad devices.

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There's no need to be online to edit documents as you can do while offline. You can also type documents in landscape without having to change the manner in which you hold your phone. Some of the amazing ways that you can use the app include taking quick notes, capturing ideas, writing articles and novels, coming up with check lists or to-do lists, keeping journals, and the list continues. You also don't need to worry about capitalizing words as the app can do that for you as well as check the entire document for spelling mistakes. 

CloudNote Pro for Dropbox - Perfectly Synchronised Note Taking & Writing App


Pros and Cons


  • Automatically checks text for grammatical errors and propose the right corrections
  • Ideal for writing most documents
  • No need for internet when editing documents
  • Clean aesthetic look that makes it to proof reading documents
  • Ability to save similar documents in one folder for easier identification


  • No need to have internet connection but you must have it to send documents to your Dropbox account

Final Thoughts

CloudNote Pro for Dropbox is a reliable tool that you can use to type or take notes. It is easy to use and requires just basic typing skills.

CloudNote Pro for Dropbox - Perfectly Synchronised Note Taking & Writing App

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