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Emoji Animated Pro app review: learn how to come up with your own GIF messages



Creating GIF messages can be a difficult task if you do not know how to do it right. Emoji Animated pro created by AlhoGames is an amazing app that you can use to come up with messages. Most people who have tried it out love its amazing ability to come up with great animated messages. Currently, it is available in Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and many more languages.

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Emoji Animated Pro - Create your own custom GIF messages


How Emoji Animated Pro Works

One of the benefits of using this app is that you can create your own Emoji animation figures and text. There is no limit on the type of messages that you can use to create the animation, it all depends with your creativity and needs. For instance, it is possible to add friends to the customized greetings to express your inner feelings without having to call them.

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Some of the aspects that you can adjust to make it personal include text color, background color, font, animation speed, size of the animation, type of animation and the list continues. All these features are clearly shown hence you do not have to first acquire any animations or programming skills.

To meet the diverse clients needs, this app has 12 different types of animations namely wave, Combo Emoji, Fade, Grow, one by one, line by line, and many more. You just need to find one that best suits your preferences and use it to create a text animation. The app is fully compatible with iPad and iPhone 5 and you do not have to change any settings to start using it. 

Best Features of Emoji Animated Pro

To get you started if you have no prior experience, the developers have added 50 free examples. As mentioned earlier, there is no limit on number of new animations that you can create as long as you have downloaded and installed it on your device.

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To save time, it is possible to put all related animations in one or two groups for easier access, especially while in a hurry. This is quite easy as you just need to select the animations that you want to put in one group and in just one click the app will automatically send them to a specific folder that you choose.

Despite the sophisticated nature of the animation, the app works like magic and in less than a few minutes, you can be sure that you have your own animation ready to send to friends. You can send the message as an MMS or email. It is recommendable to first view the message in full-screen to know if its suits your needs.

Emoji Animated Pro - Create your own custom GIF messages


Pros and Cons


  • Generates quality animations in minutes
  • No prior experience is required
  • You can download and view the animations before sending them out


  • Some of the operations such as uploading it to share with friends requires a reliable Internet connection

Final Thoughts

Emoji Animated Pro is a proven and tested way of coming up with animated messages fast. It is quite easy to use and user-friendly as compared to other traditional applications. 

Emoji Animated Pro - Create your own custom GIF messages

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