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FeeCalc for UK PayPal Fees app review: monitor all your UK paypal fees



PayPal is one of the safest and easiest apps that you can use to keep track of your business or personal finances. However, monitoring transaction fees can be an uphill task if you do not know how to do it right. FeeCalc app developed by Pinnacle Apps Ltd is an amazing PayPal calculator that you can use to know all transaction fees in minutes. Since its inception, it has maintained a very clean reputation in the market, a clear proof that delivers on its promises.

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FeeCalc for UK PayPal Fees


Calculate UK PayPal Fees in Seconds Today

FeeCalc is a simple yet very powerful app that you can use to calculate transaction fees in seconds. All you have to do is enter the amount that you want to send or receive and it will do all the hard work for you. To get the best results, it is recommendable to highlight which country the payment is coming from. For instance, if you are receiving money from USA, it is of paramount importance to indicate that in before hitting the calculator.

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It is also possible to adjust default percentage rates as well as merchant sellers depending on their terms and conditions. This means that you need information on their terms and conditions to do this. This review would not be complete without the mention of the great interface that this app offers to users. The lower section of the interface has three tabs: PayPal calculator, Reverse calculator, and the Help tab that you can click to get assistance and derive maximum benefits from it. 

Best Features of FeeCalc for UK PayPal Fees

One of the key highlights that FeeCalc for UK PayPal fees offers is the reverse calculator that you can use to know the amount you will receive after the fees have been deducted. More importantly, you can calculate the total amount of money that you should charge the buyer to ensure that you never have to reduce your profit margin.

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The new version actually has a feature that allows one to email the customer support team by just clicking on a link. When dealing with standard users, it is prudent to leave % rate set as default. On the other hand, if you are a merchant user, select the rates that you plan to use to calculate the total fees. This is quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. Most of the people who have tried it out confess that they managed to start using the app within just one day as all the details are clearly marked. 

FeeCalc for UK PayPal Fees


Pros and Cons


  • 100% secure
  • Ability to carry out transaction calculations in minutes
  • Direct link that you can use to contact customer support team


  • You can only calculate transaction fees

Final Thoughts

FeeCalc for UK PayPal fees is a reliable app that you can use to monitor your business transactions from the comfort of your home or office. It is quite easy to use as the interface is straightforward. Use it today to revamp the manner in which you conduct business.


FeeCalc for UK PayPal Fees

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