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Hansel and Gretel app review: enjoy epic animated tales today



One of the best ways of relaxing after a long day at work is by reading epic animated tales. Epic Tales, one of the leading organizations known for coming up with great gaming apps, has developed Hansel and Gretel, designed to ensure that you never have to get bored after work. Currently, Dutch and English are the default languages but soon it will be available in different languages. 

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Hansel and Gretel - Epic Tales animated storybook


Enjoy Epic Animated Tales Today

Hansel and Gretel offers great-animated tales that are created by an award winning animation studio. The app has over 20 different chapters that you can access once you download and install the app on your device. First, it is important to note that it is compatible with iPad and iPhone device so you do not have to change any settings.

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The animation tales have interactive and inspiring pictures that will grab your attention and ensure that you enjoy all the moments each time. One of the main attributes that give it a higher cutting-edge is the stunning 2D animations and expert voice overs and actors to ensure that you enjoy all the way.

The sound effects and music scores is another aspect that you can expect from this great app. The entire app is just 392 MB so it will not affect your phone memory or operating system in any way. The app has good images that will make the witch-based tale look real and very imaginative. 

Best Features of the Hansel and Gretel App

One of the major attributes that most users love about the app is the 23 chapters filled with beautiful hand-drawn environments that will ensure that you get the best-animated tales experience. It is also important to appreciate the cinematic cut scenes and background sound system and effects that will keep you entertained through the app.

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Each aspect is specially designed and created by a technologically advanced animation studio that has actually been used to create high-quality animated videos and cartons. Currently the app has over 100 interactive and dynamic surprises but the developers are always looking for new scenes that they can add to make the app even more engaging and thrilling. Unlike other apps, this one has very interactive environments that explain each tale in a unique way that is hard to find in any other app. 

Hansel and Gretel - Epic Tales animated storybook


Pros & Cons


  • Great classical tales
  • Wide variety of dynamic surprises and interactive scenes
  • Intuitive navigation interface
  • High-color clarity on all pictures
  • Professional sound effects


  • You might not enjoy it if you have no interest in animated tales

Final Thoughts

Hansel and Gretel is an amazing animation app that is unequal to no other in the market. The interface is great and it is compatible with all screen resolutions. Just download it today and start enjoying the best-animated tales in the world today. 


Hansel and Gretel - Epic Tales animated storybook

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