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Ranger School Fitness app review: the best army and ranger training app



Going through the stipulated ranger or army training sessions can be tricky if you have no tool to help you prepare for the real field studies. Fortunately, Storeboughtmilk LLC has successfully managed to come up with a comprehensive app, Ranger School Fitness that is tailored to equip you with all the skills you need as a soldier.

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Ranger School Fitness - Army PT, Ranger Training, Special Operations, Navy Seals Workout WOD Log & Timers Pro


Globally Proven Army Skills and Tactics

Once you download the app, you will gain access to information that is been used by over 20,000 people. Hence, you can rest assured that at the end of the training, the lessons and skills that you will have acquired will help you to conduct yourself as a professional soldier in various categories such as navy.

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One of the benefits of using this app is that it offers over 700 preloaded workouts that you can start trying out even if you have no prior experience. The developers have also incorporated a random workout feature that you can use to test your physical fitness.  In fact the timers are used by

Unlike other apps that do not offer any additional resources to users, this one has a free book section that is packed with dozens of free books that you can read as you relax after the work out sessions. To be a successful soldier you need to watch what you eat, the app not only offer workout apps but also food alarms and checklists that you can use to come up with a nutritional diet plan that best suits your current physical form.

Best Features of Ranger School Fitness

The supreme feature that makes this physical fitness app nothing short of amazing is the videos that give detailed illustrations on how to successfully make pre-programmed movements such as lists. The app has over 10,000 paleo recipes sourced from seven different accredited paleo websites that you can prepare at home using locally available foodstuffs.

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It is also possible to search for saved workouts that are usually uploaded by other users. There is also a calendar that you can use to keep track of your progress as well as past achievements. You can challenge yourself by taking one of the many maximum weight achievements that the app offers.

There's no need to install the app in all your devices as you can synchronize them by just one click. The developer has also made it possible for users to accurately evaluate their performance by separating the personal records from the max weights on the interface. You do not have to lose data as it has data recovery section that you can use just in case you delete the whole app accidentally.

Ranger School Fitness - Army PT, Ranger Training, Special Operations, Navy Seals Workout WOD Log & Timers Pro


Pros & Cons


  • Multiple timers such as TABATA, Countdown, lap, and stopwatch
  • Adjustable tap counters on each timer than you can use to count number of reps done per day
  • A modern Azumia Heart rate monitor
  • Uses Google maps to find the nearest gym facilities


  • The app tends to cut some of the workout information

Final Thoughts

Ranger School Fitness is an awesome app that you can use to take your army training lessons to the next tier. Start using it today to stay fit and healthy for the field army activities.

Ranger School Fitness - Army PT, Ranger Training, Special Operations, Navy Seals Workout WOD Log & Timers Pro

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