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Takeoff HD app review: get updated weather information as you travel



Keeping track of weather as you travel by air can be a tricky affair if you have no prior information on how to do it right. It is of paramount importance that you keep track of your weather to avoid accidents that would have been caused by bad weather. Real Casual Games, LLC has come up with an amazing app Takeoff HD to help you solve all those issues.

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Takeoff HD - Aviation Weather


What to Expect

Takeoff HD app is used by pilots and airline companies from all across the globe. This is clear proof that it delivers on its promises. Unlike other complex app, this one gives you unlimited access to all the information you need in intuitive interface. For instance, you will get personalized METAR reports that are packed with information on all full wind components as well as your preferred runway.

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It also has color coded TAF display and NOTAMs that offers full list of airports from all over the globe. If you want to know the average weather conditions in various parts of the world, the app has a comprehensive METAR history list with all the information you need.

By using the latest GPS technology, the app is able to help you find all airports around your current location. This will definitely help you plan for your trips smarter. In addition, you will get undisputed information on all airports along your route and region to ensure that you never get lost when traveling in a foreign continent. 

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Best Features of Takeoff HD Aviation App

Did you know that 75% of all airline accidents are caused by bad weather? Takeoff HD can help you to avoid such accidents by providing you with accurate details of all weather conditions in the world. Unlike other apps that present similar information in very complex manner, this one uses simple charts and reports so you will never have to interpret the data wrongly.

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One of the key attributes is its ability to calculate crosswinds for all runways that you intend to use. Using such information, it is able to provide users with personalized warning that is based on the limits that you feed it with. There's no need to have the device connected to the Internet as it can still provide you with all the information you need even when you are offline.

It is also possible to synchronize it with all your devices to ensure high safety standards wherever you decide to go. The user-friendly interface that is very easy to navigate also give it a higher cutting edge in the market and improve its credibility rating.

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Takeoff HD - Aviation Weather


Pros & Cons


  • Provides accurate METAR History
  • Relies on TAF and NOAA reports to ensure that you never get inaccurate information
  • Ability to find all airports around your vicinity
  • Ability to save a list of all your favorite airports


  • Works best when connected to Internet though this is not a mandatory requirement

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Final Thoughts

Takeoff HD is an ideal app that you can count on to enhance the manner in which you gather weather information while flying.

Takeoff HD - Aviation Weather

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