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NIV Bible app review: bringing a new way to read the words of God



NIV Bible combines high technology and tradition by providing people with a new way to interact with the Bible. Created by Tecarta Inc., this app offers an impressive array of useful features that make Bible reading and study easier and more convenient. It is optimized for the latest iPhone models and also compatible with iPad and iPod touch. 

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NIV Bible


Reading the Bible Becomes Easier

Do you want to have a Bible that you can bring anywhere? The NIV Bible app is the answer to your prayer. This bible app can be quickly downloaded from the App Store and you can read it on your iOS device even without an Internet connection. It brings you the same words of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ in a portable format that makes reading and studying as easy as possible.

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NIV Bible offers unique features that can be enjoyed by everyone who wants to read the Christian teachings. It is also a useful material for bible study sessions and for your regular worship meetings.

This app gives you the ability to quickly find entire sections of the bible or selected passages with a few tap on your device. There is no need for you to fumble through hundreds of pages just to find selected chapters and verses because NIV Bible will do it for you, in seconds.

The best part is that NIV Bible allows you to save your favorite verses in separate folders for quick reference. With this app, reading and studying the Bible has become more convenient.

Best Features

NIV Bible’s design is simple and easy to use. It offers an intuitive search tool with predictive text capability. This means you only need to type specific words and the app will show you passages and verses that contain your search term. It also offers linked table of contents that allows you to quickly find individual books of the Bible.

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One of the most useful features of NIV Bible is its note-taking tool. This allows you to quickly take notes and write commentaries while reading or studying verses. You can even highlight specific passages and copy/paste them to your personal notes. You can then save your comments in the app for future reading.

NIV Bible works in both landscape and portrait mode with page-turning feature. It has a night mode option that prevents eye fatigue when you read the bible in low light conditions. The app also allows you to increase font size which makes it easier to read the texts.

With the bookmark option, you can save your favorite passages in a personal folder for quick reference later. This app has a folder system which allows you to easily organize all your bookmarks, notes, and highlighted texts. 

NIV Bible


Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use interface
  • With powerful bookmark tool
  • Folder manager for easy organization
  • Quick note-taking tool
  • Allows text highlighting and copy/paste option
  • With social sharing option
  • Contextual cross-referencing feature
  • Predictive search tool
  • Works offline


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

NIV Bible is one of the most advanced Bible applications in the App Store. It is packed with useful features that make Bible reading easier and more convenient.

NIV Bible

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