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French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs app review: teaching you the nuances of French words 2021



French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs is a French for beginners app that has been getting a lot of raves both from its users and mainstream media. The New York Times tagged this French learning app as its favorite while USA Today was impressed by its solid design.

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There are many reasons why this application is getting good ratings in the App Store. First, it is one of the most functional language apps with a comprehensive database of French words.

Most important of all, the iPhone app for learning French offers solid features that will help you learn the nuances of thousands of French words. Check out our French dicitionary app review for more details.

French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs


Best for French Language Learners

French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs is a perfect tool for students, writers, editors, and French language learners.

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The application makes it easy for users to find word definitions through its smart search function. As you type a word in the look-up box, the app instantly offers different word suggestions including possible misspellings and verb conjugations.

Having a smart tool that has an auto-suggest feature is very useful for any language learner. By getting multiple word options, you will be able to enhance your mastery of the French language in no time.

Its smart features effectively reduce the time spent on cross referencing which means you get to focus more on understanding a French word. 

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Features of French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs

One of the most impressive features of this app is its comprehensive database of French words with more than 85,000 individual entries and 185,000 word definitions. The exhaustive list of words available in this app will help improve your vocabulary.

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Included in the app is a list of 17,000 synonyms and antonyms, noun genders, verb conjugations, and parts of speech. It also offers example phrases for selected words as well as idioms, modern slangs, regional variations, and translations of numbers into words.

Another solid feature of this application is its intelligent search function. The app instantly provides word suggestions as you type. If you want to conjugate a word, simply tap it to get the results you need. And if you are connected to the Internet, the dictionary integrates seamlessly with Google so you can get usage examples.

This French dictionary allows you to fully control some of its features. For example, you can customize its font size so you can easily read the texts and word entries.

You can also save your favorite words in the app for future reference. There is also a recent history folder where you can review words that you have already studied.

And lastly, this application offers an ad-free interface. It also works perfectly even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Features of French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs image

French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs


Pros & Cons


  • With 85,000 entries and 185,000 word definitions
  • Synonyms and antonyms included
  • Includes regional variations, slangs, and idioms
  • Understands possible misspellings
  • Smart search features
  • Customizable interface
  • Allows you to save words


  • No alphabetical index list

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs is a useful tool for language learners, professionals, and travelers. It offers powerful features that will help improve your French vocabulary.

French Dictionary and Thesaurus with Verbs

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