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Explore the Animal Kingdom app review: your child’s personal interactive safari



Explore the Animal Kingdom is an interactive application that works like a digital flash card. It is an educational tool that introduces children to the wonderful world of the animal kingdom. Created by independent developer Mathieu Brassard, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Explore the Animal Kingdom


Helping Children Recognize Different Animals

Toddlers enjoy learning new things and they are particularly curious about animals and the sounds they make. If you want to reinforce your child’s learning curiosity, then Explore the Animal Kingdom is the perfect app for you.

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This is a digital flash card application that offers an interactive way for children to recognize different kinds of animals. The app combines images, sounds, and audio pronunciations to capture children’s imagination and to help enhance their retention ability.

With hundreds of animal pictures creating realistic animal sounds, this application will give your kid hours of enjoyable interactive play time.

Helping Children Recognize Different Animals image

Features of Explore the Animal Kingdom App

Explore the Animal Kingdom offers 100 real animal pictures in high definition. This app covers major kinds of animals from common domestic species to exotic ones. Land mammals, reptiles, aquatic species, and birds are included in the app. It offers a comprehensive list of animals that your child will surely enjoy.

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The app offers realistic sound for each animal in the collection. The sound is created when your child touches a picture. The audio reinforcement provided by the app enriches the learning experience of your child. It would be much easier for her to recognize different animals because of the auditory help offered by the app.

Apart from pictures and sounds, the app also offers audio pronunciations. A narrator will give the correct pronunciation whenever your child touches the name of an animal. This feature helps children develop their vocal recognition.

Explore the Animal Kingdom works both in portrait and landscape mode. When in portrait mode, the app displays a single animal picture. You can switch among photos by swiping the screen sideways. You can also use the back and forward button located at the bottom of the screen.

In landscape mode, the application displays a gallery of different animals. When your child touches the photos of different animals simultaneously, a cacophony of animal sounds will be created. This will surely delight your kid for hours.

Explore the Animal Kingdom allows you to change the name of the animals. It also supports a record function so you can create your own sounds and pronunciations.

And finally, Explore the Animal Kingdom offers a child friendly interface. The app is very simple and designed specifically for toddlers. It is easy to use and responds quickly on every touch. 

Features of Explore the Animal Kingdom App image

Explore the Animal Kingdom


Pros and Cons


  • 100 real photos of different animals
  • Realistic animal sounds
  • Names are in bold text
  • Includes audio pronunciations
  • Works both in portrait and landscape modes
  • Supports custom recording
  • Multi-language support in English, Spanish, and French
  • Easy to use


  • Animal sounds should be longer
  • More language support needed

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Explore the Animal Kingdom is a perfect educational tool for small children. It offers an interactive platform for kids to help them recognize different kinds of animals.

Explore the Animal Kingdom

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