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Archivist Free Live Music app review: enjoy streaming concerts online faster



Going to all music concerts that your favorite musicians hold can be an uphill task especially if you have to travel for long distances. Archivist Free Live Music app developed by Supercritical Flow is programmed to make it easy for you to stream concerts from the Internet, faster. It works smoothly on iPad and iPhone hence you do not have to change any settings. 

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Archivist Live Music


Enjoy All Your Favorite Musicians Concerts

Archivist Free Live Music is an amazing app that allows you to access well over 75,000 live concerts from all across the globe on your iPhone or iPad. One of the genius features that make this app spectacular is its ability to propose bands or music groups that you can listen to during your free time. There's no need to browse the Internet looking for information on various concerts as it will display reviews for you to read.

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The developers have also incorporated AirPlay Support feature that you can utilize to play your favorite music tunes on Airport Express or Apple TV seamlessly. You can rewind, fast forword, shuffle, and even search for songs that means the world to you using its modern search feature.

The clean interface is another attribute that makes this app the best music app. All the categories are clearly demarcated hence you just have to click on your preferred artist to access their concerts in real time. To get the best experience though, it is recommendable to have a reliable Internet connection. 

What Makes Archivist Free Live Music Spectacular

One of the superior features is its ability to support multitasking when running it on apple operating system 4. That you can listen to background music as you carry out other tasks such as browsing the Internet on a different part.

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No need to keep listening to same type of music over and over again, the developers have worked smart to help you discover new music produced by more than 3,500 artists from all across the globe. Most of the live concert recordings are sourced from Live Music Archive, one of the best sources of concerts.

Before suggesting bands that you should listen to, the app with automatically search your music library to get a clear picture of your personal preferences and needs. It is important to note that it will not affect functionalism of your device as it does so. In fact, you can download it and start using it almost immediately. 

Archivist Live Music


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to propose bands that you should listen based on your current music library
  • Get access to over 75,000 live concert recordings
  • Read accurate concert reviews in real time
  • Access to a display cover art to make your app unique
  • It allows multitasking
  • AirPlay Support
  • Fast search feature to help you find your favorite bands


  • You need an Internet connection to access the concerts

Final Words

Archivist Free Live Music is an amazing app that will give you real opportunity to enjoy thousands of concerts. It is easy to use; no prior experience is required. 

Archivist Live Music

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