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US Presidents (American President Life History) app review: information on all U.S. presidents



Looking for information on all presidents who ever led US? We got you covered. Nirmala TV has developed an app that offers comprehensive information on each US president. This iOS application is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. 

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US Presidents (American President Life History)


Get Accurate Information on All US Presidents

US Presidents is an amazing app that is dedicated to providing accurate information on presidents who ever ruled over this great nation. It is an ideal learning tool for students taking historical studies as well as citizens who want to understand how this country has developed and changed over the years.

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One of the great attributes that stands out about this application is the great interface that the developers have come up with. By just clicking on the president that you want to learn about, you will get all information such as birth name, date of birth, and a date of demise. They have also gone a step further to write a short but comprehensive bio to give you a clear picture of how that president ruled the country and to which political party he identified. Take note of the fact that all this information is first validated before being uploaded.

Best Features

One of the best features is the high-quality pictures of presidents attached to each category. The developers have also added life history and biography of every president and included personal information that is hard to find in most historical books.

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By downloading this app, you will also get privileged information about their in office official facts as well as order numbers and dates served. All this will go a long way in improving your ability to remember the U.S. history. Note that most interview panels ask job candidates questions on history to gauge their intelligence. Hence, this app has ability to increase your chances of being hired if you master all the information that it provides.

Unlike other similar apps, this one not only provides the names but also beautiful signatures of each president as signed in various official government documents. It also provides first-hand information on names of all the children that they had during their lifetime.

You do not need any prior experience operating iOS apps as this is one of the easiest that you will ever come across online.

US Presidents (American President Life History)


Pros & Cons


  • Great interface
  • High-quality picture portraits
  • Informative details about each president
  • Easy to operate
  • No Internet access is required to access the information


  • Pictures of their children are not provided.
  • It is not possible to synchronize the app with other devices

Final Thoughts

US Presidents is an amazing app that you can use to improve your U.S. history knowledge base. It is quite easy to use and informative as compared to other applications. 

US Presidents (American President Life History)

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