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Cloud Wifi app review: providing a secure platform to save, sync, and share your Wifi



Cloud Wifi is a basic utility app that saves your Wifi keys in iCloud and synchronizes them across your different Apple devices. It eliminates the inconvenience of manually entering long string passcodes and credentials in your new devices. This app saves you time and it is a great tool for sharing and syncing your Wifi keys.

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Developed by Michael Dardol, Cloud Wifi is a universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There is also a Mac version of this app which is available in the Mac App Store.

Cloud Wifi : save, sync with iCloud and share wifi keys by email, iMessage and bluetooth


How Cloud Wifi Helps You

Cloud Wifi for iOS offers several benefits for you. First, it is a convenient app that allows quick synchronization of Wifi keys. By using this app, you will never have to manually configure your Wifi connections for any of your new Apple devices. Imagine typing a long string of characters to your new devices just to enable them to connect to the Internet. It's simply too inconvenient for some and a waste of time. But with Cloud Wifi, you can instantly configure your connections in two taps.

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Cloud Wifi also gives added security for you. This app could serve as your passcode manager because it saves and encrypts the keys in iCloud. You don’t have to write down your Wifi keys on a piece of paper to make sure that you will not forget them. Simply save the passkeys to Cloud Wifi and it will be securely stored for you.

Sharing passkeys with your friends and relatives has become more secured and more convenient, too. Cloud Wifi allows you to share Wifi credentials but the recipient will never see the actual characters of your passwords. The app will send an encrypted file to your friends which contain the passkeys. When they install the file in their devices, the Wifi keys will remain hidden.

Features of Cloud Wifi

Cloud Wifi offers a quick synchronization tool so you can quickly configure your Wifi credentials. After configuring your Wifi connection, the app will save your password to iCloud. This app allows you to create different aliases for different passkeys.

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Sharing of Wifi passkeys is another useful feature of Cloud Wifi. Once you saved a key to iCloud, the app will automatically share it on all your iOS and Mac devices. It also allows you to share the passkeys with your friends via email, SMS, and Bluetooth.

And lastly, Cloud Wifi offers a very simple and utilitarian interface. It only takes a couple of taps to save, sync, and share your Wifi keys. It is a no-nonsense tool that gets the job done.

Cloud Wifi : save, sync with iCloud and share wifi keys by email, iMessage and bluetooth


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple interface.
  • Allows quick and secure storage of Wifi keys to iCloud.
  • Auto syncs Wifi keys across different Apple devices.
  • Allows sharing via email, Bluetooth, and SMS.
  • Hides the credentials of shared passkeys.


  • No negative review for this app.

Final Thoughts

Cloud Wifi is a simple tool that offers big benefits for you. It is an all-in-one app that lets you save, sync, and share Wifi keys to your Apple devices. 

Cloud Wifi : save, sync with iCloud and share wifi keys by email, iMessage and bluetooth

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