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Pizza Compass app review: find your slice



Do you love pizza?  If yes, then you will love this app! If you’ve just moved into a new town, or even if you just want to discover the best pizza you’ve never had, Pizza Compass can help you find the perfect pie. It’s important to keep in mind though that this app works in conjunction with Foursquare, so you’ll need to download this app as well to get the most out of Pizza Compass. This is a free app, and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Pizza Compass


Grab a Slice

You might have used other apps for ordering pizza before, or some other type of fast food. This is not that. It’s actually quite a unique app. It uses GPS mapping technology and the Foursquare app to locate all the pizza restaurants within a few miles of your house. So why is it called Pizza Compass? Well that’s the really cool part. It actually acts like a compass using a Pizza slice as the Compass needle. As an added bonus you can spin the needle (kind of like Twister) and the Pizza slice will land on a Pizzeria in that direction as a recommendation.

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If you’re looking for an app to use for actually placing a pizza order without having to pick up the phone then this is not what you’re looking for. The app is strictly about helping you discover the best pizza in your local area. You still have to do your own legwork. You have to pick up the phone, or visit the pizzeria yourself. At only 0.9MB this app is well worth at least a look, no matter how you like to order your pizza.

Grab a Slice image

Find a Pizza

Using the app is simple. When you first open it, you’ll be greeted by a big pizza slice pointing in the direction of the closest pizzeria to your current location. If you don’t like the suggestion, just spin the pizza slice and you’ll get a different suggestion. It’s definitely a different way to make a dinner choice – it might actually save you from a family debate!

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When the slice lands on a restaurant that catches your interest, just tap on the arrow at the bottom right and you’ll be able to access some info about that pizzeria. In some instances you’ll be able to access the menu, get directions, and view some reviews. In other instances, the Pizza Compass may have little information on the restaurant, but it will provide the option to access a listing in Foursquare. Moving between the Pizza Compass app and Foursquare is generally seamless, although it did crash on me a couple of times when trying to use this feature. That’s really all there is to this app. It’s simple, but it does what it’s supposed to. It helps you find great pizza!

Find a Pizza image

Pizza Compass


Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Unique spinning pizza slice compass makes it fun to find a pizzeria
  • Integrates with Foursquare to add functionality


  • You can’t actually order a pizza with the app
  • The app sometimes crashes when you attempt to switch to Foursquare

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Pizza compass is a unique little app that makes ordering pizza a fun experience. There might just be a great pizzeria right around the corner that you’ve never heard of. If it wasn’t for the app crashing on occasion there wouldn’t be anything negative to say about this little app. It’s still well worth a look.

Pizza Compass

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