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Benching Beauties app review: gain strength and health



Benching Beauties is an iPhone and iPad app that helps women train to lose weight, build muscle, and get the results they desire. Work on your legs, core, total body, glutes, chest, triceps, shoulders, back, biceps, and all at home with bodyweight if you don’t have equipment.

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Benching Beauties


Meet Your Glutes

Benching Beauties is an exercise app that can help you meet your fitness goals. If you prefer body weight exercises, then you can select exercises that require bodyweight only. Under info, you will find a menu for positions, equipment, FAQ, and disclaimer. Positions include standing position indicating good shoulder back posture and feet shoulder with apart; seated position; lying position; plank position; and squat. Each position includes a great image, as well as a description of how your body should feel.

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Equipment indicates an adjustable bench, ankle weight, assisted pull-up and chest dip machine, barbell, dumbbell, flat bench, lat pull-down machine, lat pull-down machine bar, leg-press machine, let-press foot plate, leg-press handles, leg-press safety mechanism, leg-press weight plate, roman chair, rope clip, seated row machine, v-gip clip, and weight stack.

I also appreciate that there is a good FAQ with questions such as ‘How do I choose the right weight?,’ ‘What is perpendicular to the floor?,’ and ‘Do I need a spotter?’ There are lots of great questions that cover a range of things you need to know before you start.

At Home or Gym

Benching Beauties offers exercise options for at home or at the gym. There are lots of great parts divided workout and exercises. Under workouts you’ll find at-home; back and biceps; chest, triceps, and shoulders; core; glutes; legs; and total body. When you go straight to exercises core & legs; core & upper body; core, legs, & upper body; legs; pre/post workout; and upper body.

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Once you open the exercises, you’ll find a video demonstrating the exercise. Don’t stress if you can’t do more than a couple reps to start, the video is on a loop and makes it look like the demonstrator can do it forever! If you use these exercises 3-5 times a week, you will see your strength grow, and your overall health improve.

Benching Beauties


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Lots of exercises sorted into body parts
  • Exercises show in the photo label that you can use equipment or bodyweight
  • Many are an at home bodyweight option such as plank, pushup, squats, and more


  • I’d like one more filter to indicate the at-home options versus equipment required

Final Thoughts

Benching Beauties is an iPhone and iPad app that allows women to have a weight training app all to themselves. For some women, weight training apps are intimidating when you see a big muscled man demonstrating, but the strong, normal-sized woman demonstrating is a refreshing change. I really appreciate that the demonstrator is not a super thin woman, because it promotes a healthy ideal. I enjoyed this app as it indicates proper technique and describes how to stand right down to how to sit to do the exercises. Setting up is important to avoid injury, so I think that this is a great app.


Benching Beauties

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