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Balloon Face app review: tap to navigate your ballon but don't get popped!



Balloon Face is an iPhone and iPad app that requires you to navigate the balloon through the cloudy sky. It’s a tapping game and there are cloud platforms that you have to get the balloon around or it’ll pop.

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Balloon Face


Tapping Game

In Balloon face, you tap the balloon to get it around the ledges. The higher you get, the more score you gain to sync with Game Center and show off to your friends. It’s fun to play, but it’s tricky to navigate. I tried the tap-tap-tap to get higher and on track. No go. I tried tipping the device to steer the balloon around the obstacles. Still no go. I’m not really sure how to play this game, and Googling how to play didn’t bring anything up. There is also no instructional portion in the app. I couldn’t even get up to the first platform without hitting the sides and popping.

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The game is described as addictive, but as I couldn’t even get started, I found it extremely annoying. I tried it a few times going back and forth to other tasks. I tried to get the thing going, and it was just frustrating.

Not Kid Friendly

I’m no gamer, so usually when I have trouble with an app, I’ll pass it to my son to get him to test it. He couldn’t do any better than I could, and he is a gamer. My husband got further, but it was too finicky for him too.

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The character is a cute smiling balloon, so there is a nice design. I like that the balloon moves naturally; it’s just hard to steer. There are several medals to achieve, and you stack these up on Game Center. When you make an achievement you can easily share with your friends who are also on Game Center.

Balloon Face


Pros & Cons


  • Cute character
  • Balloon moves naturally
  • Medals to collect
  • Syncs through Game Center


  • Very difficult to navigate

Final Thoughts

Balloon Face is an iPhone and iPad app that requires you to navigate through the maze of clouds. The tapping game should be fairly easy for kids to navigate, however, I could not navigate nor could my son. It’s not an easy game to play, but it seems as though it should be. There are no instructions, there are no how-to’s on the App Store, and there are no hints. If I could just read how to play, maybe I could manage to play, but instead I tried tapping, I tried tilting, I tried a combination of both, but it wasn’t working. I tried over and again, but instead of this being the addicting game that is described, I only found it to be annoying.


Balloon Face

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