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21 Blackjack HD app review: deal some cards



If you love playing Blackjack then 21 Blackjack HD is an app you’ll definitely want to take a look at. And the best part, you don’t have to worry about losing all your money to a casino!  It’s great to be able to keep your money in your own pocket while still enjoying the classic. However, if you are interested in Australian blackjack for real money, then Playamo offers a great deal for Aussie players as well as it supports gaming for nearly any locale. This app does a great job of recreating the Blackjack experience, with only a couple of minor issues. It’s free to download, and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

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21 Blackjack HD


Play Your Hand

The app store is full of casino games – everything from slots to poker and of course Blackjack. In a category this crowded, an app has to work, and it has to work well. If there are any quirks or bugs the user will simply move on to the next app. There really is no room for failure. That’s a lot of pressure on a developer. How does 21 Blackjack HD measure up? For the most part it holds up pretty well.

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Game play is pretty seamless in this app. I didn’t experience any glitches at all, and the app didn’t crash once – which is always a good sign for any app. The layout is simple yet effective. There aren’t any Fancy bells and whistles – just the cards, your chips, and the table. This isn’t such a bad thing though – a lot of these types of games try a little too hard to stand out from the crowd. It would have been a nice touch to add other players sitting at the table or sweeping views of the casino, but I didn’t really feel it took away from the experience. At 13.8MB it won’t take up a lot of room either.

Play Your Hand image

Game Play

The developers of 21 Blackjack HD have made the app about as simple to use as possible. When you open it up you only have two options: play or more games. The more games tab is simply a link to other games in the App Store by the apps developer, WMD Entertainment LLC. What you’re really interested in is the other option, just tap on the play button and you’ll be able to access the available tables.

When you first try the app, your only option is to play the low limit table, although you can access more money to open up the other tables through in-app purchases. These range from about $1 all the way up to $8. Keep in mind you can’t win any real money though, no matter how many chips you purchase. You are given more chips in the free version as well after you’ve been playing for a while – I guess it depends on how dedicated you are to the game of Blackjack.

Once you’ve selected your table the games starts immediately. As I’ve mentioned, there’s no bells and whistles here – just a basic table, your, chips, the playing cards, and the wager buttons. You have the option to play up to three hands at a time. It adds a little twist to the gameplay, and can really make things interesting. You will have to put up with some banner advertising along the bottom of the screen, but it isn’t too obtrusive. If you run out of money you will have to wait a couple of hours before you can try again – unless you want to purchase more chips. This may be a little irritating, but it’s pretty standard in casino games.

Game Play image

21 Blackjack HD


Pros & Cons


  • Simple game play, no bells and whistles
  • Works seamlessly, no glitches
  •  Able to play up to three hands at a time


  • You have to purchase extra chips or play for hours if you want to access most of the tables
  • You will have to put up with some banner advertisements

Pros & Cons image

Last Hand

21 Blackjack HD is the best blackjack app to keep you occupied for hours. If you love casino games you’ll enjoy this one. It’s simple, but the gameplay is generally glitch free. It’s a great way to satisfy your Blackjack itch without having to sacrifice a lot of your hard earned money at the casino.

21 Blackjack HD

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