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KidsFlix Kids YouTube Playlist app review: providing safe entertainment for children



KidsFlix is a YouTube playlist app specifically designed for children. It offers tens of thousands of curated videos that are appropriate for minors. It gives parents greater control over the video viewing habits of their children. Developed by Safe Fun Kids, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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KidsFlix - Kids YouTube Playlist (Music, Videos, Cartoons, Songs)


The Need for a YouTube Playlist for Kids

YouTube can be considered the Wild West of the Internet. It is a free-for-all video sharing site that contains all kinds of content from cute cat videos to channels that show mature content, violence and gore. Needless to say, the site is not always safe for children especially if they are unsupervised.

The best YouTube apps for iPhone and iPad-2021

Preventing children from viewing inappropriate content can be a challenge. Kids these days have easy access to smart gadgets and, obviously, you cannot monitor their YouTube activity all the time. That is why you need KidsFlix.

The app ensures that your children can watch safe-for-kids videos on YouTube by providing a good selection of age appropriate content. Its parental control and filtering tools ensure that you will always be in control of your children’s viewing habits.

With KidsFlix, you can keep your children entertained for hours without worry. It is a virtual video nanny that prevents children from viewing unsafe videos on YouTube.

Features of KidsFlix Kids YouTube Playlist

KidsFlix offers more than 10,000 videos with hundreds of child-friendly channels. This application can deliver at least 2,000 hours of video every day. The videos streamed through this app have been carefully selected to match the age of your children.

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This app has an impressive set of features that ensure a trouble-free viewing experience for kids. Its progress tracking tool allows children to resume any video from where they left off. Channels and videos can be sorted alphabetically while recently watched and most watched videos are stored in the app’s history. New videos are added automatically while broken channels and dead videos are regularly removed from the list.

One of the best features of KidsFlix is its Parental Control tool which gives you greater control over your children’s viewing activities. It has a time limit option with curfew selection to control viewing hours per day. You can also activate age-filtering to get videos that are appropriate for your children.

Most importantly, KidsFlix allows you to select the most suitable content for your children by turning on or off certain channels or videos. And to ensure that kids will never use your data plan, the app allows you to restrict connectivity via Wifi only.

Lastly, KidsFlix has a monitoring tool that allows you to see the viewing history of your kids with statistics on hours spent on YouTube and a list of frequently watched videos.

KidsFlix - Kids YouTube Playlist (Music, Videos, Cartoons, Songs)


Pros & Cons


  • Offers tens of thousands of videos worth more than 2,000 hours of viewing time
  • With strict parental controls
  • Automatically updates videos and channels
  • With age-filtering options
  • Supports AirPlay to stream videos on Apple TV


  • No negative review for this app

Final Thoughts

KidsFlix Kids YouTube Playlist is an impressive application that will keep your children entertained for hours. Its strict parental control system prevents children from viewing inappropriate content on YouTube. 


KidsFlix - Kids YouTube Playlist (Music, Videos, Cartoons, Songs)

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