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Hat Trick Daily Sports Trivia with Prizes app review: the best sports trivia game



One of the best ways of learning about sports is by playing trivia games. Hat Tricky Daily Sports Trivia with Prizes is an amazing app created by 2 Tablespoons to help expand your knowledge on sports. It is fully compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. English is the native language at the moment.

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Hat Trick Daily Sports Trivia with Prizes


Enjoy the Best Sports Trivia Game

Hat Trick Daily Sports Trivia is an incredible game tailored for serious sports fans who want to increase their knowledge on various sporting activities. Unlike other similar trivia game apps, this one is packed with hundreds if not thousands of questions. Hence, you will never have to answer one question over and over again. The questions are sourced from game tournaments from all across the globe except soccer.

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The intuitive interface is one of the major factors that give this trivia game a higher cutting edge in the market. You do not need any prior experience to start navigating the app as all the features and icons are displayed clearly.

To keep you motivated, the app will give you some amazing prizes everyday if you answer most of the questions correctly and score a higher rating than all other users. This will definitely keep your motivated throughout the game and even encourage you to use the app more often. The questions are displayed in large font that is easy to read and customized for various screen resolutions. 

Best Features

The daily competition that comprises of 25 different and challenging questions is one of the major highlights that give this app a higher cutting edge in the market. You are required to answer each of the questions in 20 seconds of less. To earn more points, you need to answer the questions correctly and faster. Usually, the player with the highest number of points at the end of the day wins a hat trick. 

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Party mode is another great feature that you can use to answer trivia questions. Basically, this mode allows users to play against friends at local sports bar or at home. This is an ideal way of making your trivia nights more enjoyable and exciting.

Finally, the developers offer a Juice feature where you can purchase cheats and tips on how to skip questions. It is also possible to temporarily stop the clock and remove wrong answers in order to score the highest points. To get the best results, strive to join the list of Leaderboard. Note that the list is updated on a daily basis to ensure that only the best players are listed here.

Hat Trick Daily Sports Trivia with Prizes


Pros and Cons


  • Provides thousands of different trivia games
  • Covers most thrilling sporting games
  • Great interface
  • Amazing prizes to motivate you
  • Keep tracks of your scores and award points in real time


  • The trivia questions do not include soccer

Final Thoughts

Hat Tricky Daily Sports Trivia with Prizes is an amazing iTunes app that you can use to break boredom or relax after a long day. It is free and easy to use once you install it. 

Hat Trick Daily Sports Trivia with Prizes

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