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Ski Tracks Lite app review: the best GPS track recorder-2020



Remembering all your ski tracks can be a tall order especially if you do not take part in this activity often. Core Coders Ltd has come up with an amazing ski tracks app called Ski Tracks Lite app and it's an ideal choice for snowboarders and skiers.

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Designed specifically for winter sports, the award winning Skiing app is your worldwide, ultimate ski companion. Record your entire day on the slopes with the help of this  app. It is compatible with iPhone or iPad devices. Currently, the app is only available in English.

Ski Tracks Lite


Enjoy the Best GPS Ski Tracking App

Ski Tracks Lite offers great user experience as it has a very intuitive interface that is easy to operate even if you have never used a similar app before. The developers are committed and determined to ensure that they provide accurate ski tracks to users always.

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Compare your mountain experiences with your friends, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, join the millions of people who have already downloaded Ski Tracks Lite app. Battery efficient technology of this ski app allows all day recording, no data or phone signal required for recording making Ski Tracks ideal for backcountry or where data roaming charges apply.

To avoid any nasty inconveniences, the app offer unlimited track storage and generates run-by-run analysis in real times. If you encounter some problems during the initial stages, you can watch the animated preview modes that cover both KMZ and commonly used maps.

It is also possible to export GPX and KMZ to other applications and devices that you commonly use. More importantly, the KMZ can be used in 3D Google Earth. It is also possible to export and import SKIZ files from anywhere in the world as long as you have downloaded and installed the app. If you have friends or colleagues who also love skiing, you can share the files with them through Facebook

Best Features of Ski Tracks Lite App Review

One of the benefits of using this application is that it does not deplete your phone’s battery as it uses very little power even if you intend to use it the whole day. The developers have also incorporated a battery monitor that you can use to know the amount of power remaining as you ski. For instance, you can switch off the tracking feature when your battery is running low.

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Unlike other similar apps, this one does not need any data or phone signal to start tracking. This means that you can enjoy riding without worrying about incurring extra data costs. The developers have worked smart to incorporate a number of hybrid and standard maps that displays your run history, start, finish, photography, and even uphill history. It is tailored to automatically geo tag all photos that you take while on the track.

Despite the fact that this app does not need any Internet connection, it is highly recommendable to change the settings by switching data roaming off when taking part in ski competition abroad. Also, consider switching off cellular data if you are on a fixed data plan.

Best Features of Ski Tracks Lite App Review image

Ski Tracks Lite


Pros & Cons


  • No phone signal or Internet connection is required
  • Does not compromise battery life
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Ability to share tracks through Facebook and iTunes file-sharing feature
  • Can record tracks accurately for 14 hours continuously


  • The GPS signal might be distorted in harsh weather conditions such as storms. In addition, it will not work while you are indoors

Final Thoughts

Ski Tracks Lite is indeed one of the best GPS track recorders for snowboarders. It works perfectly and delivers high-quality track maps that are easy to interpret.

Ski Tracks Lite

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