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Do Re Mi Ear Training app review: teaching you how to hear notes accurately



Do Re Mi Ear Training is a portable Solfege application that helps develop your musical aural skills. It is a valuable tool that can help improve your ability to sing in perfect pitch. This app could serve as a training platform for recognizing pitch and intervals with lessons on understanding basic music theory. Developed by David Charlton, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Do Re Mi Ear Training - Solfege, pitch and interval training for singers, composers and music students


A Unique Solfege Application for Ear Training

Solfege is a basic education method in the field of music that teaches students to recognize pitch and musical intervals. It is a component for developing ear training or the skill to identify the notes solely by hearing.

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Musicians and music educators have highly developed musical aural skill. But without constant training, this musical ability could be lost forever. The good news is you can now easily train your aural ability with Do Re Mi Ear Training app. This is a portable training tool for iOS devices which you can use anytime and anywhere.

With Do Re Mi Ear Training, you don’t have to worry about losing your aural skills anymore. There is also no more need to have access to expensive music instruments such as a piano or a guitar. You can simply use the app in your smartphone or tablet to sharpen your ability to hear and identify notes, pitch, and musical intervals.

The app offers a wide range of ear training exercises with completely customizable settings to match your individual expertise. It has multi-level trainings from basic intervals and single note practice to more complex pitch recognition and longer tune exercises. 

Best Features of Do Re Mi Ear Training

Do Re Mi Ear Training offers 50 levels of musical aural skills exercises. Almost all skill levels are covered by this app from one note practice to multiple interval trainings. It also allows you to select a custom length for any tune that you want to master.

One of the best features of this application is its fully customizable ear training settings. The app allows you to set your own tune details including pitch range, range size, and maximum pitch jump.

It offers different types of notations so you can select which one would be suitable for your own purposes. Tune lengths, tempo and scale intervals can be customized also.

Do Re Mi Ear Training has a History section where you can track your training progress. This section contains your success on hitting the right pitch. You can use the History data to monitor your weak areas so you can improve your musical aural skills for the next sessions.

The app is easy to use with an impressive screen layout and interface. The main menu gives you easy access to different training levels. The training interface resembles a piano keyboard. 

Do Re Mi Ear Training - Solfege, pitch and interval training for singers, composers and music students


Pros and Cons


  • Offers 50 different training levels
  • With fully customizable ear training settings
  • Impressive graphical interface
  • Easy to use with simple menus
  • Allows you to view training history


  • Some notes suffer from audio distortion

Final Thoughts

Do Re Mi Ear Training is a good Solfege application for musicians, music educators, and students. It is an impressive app that will sharpen your musical aural skills. 

Do Re Mi Ear Training - Solfege, pitch and interval training for singers, composers and music students

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