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Modern Fashion: Dress Up and Make Up app review: create the perfect outfit



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If your little girl loves to play dress up then you should definitely download Modern Fashion: Dress Up and Makeup for them. It’s a great little app that lets them control every aspect of creating the perfect look from head to toe. There may be one or two minor issues with the app, but overall it’s a lot of fun for any little girl. It’s a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch.

Modern Fashion:Dress Up And Make Up


Explore your Fashion Sense

There are a lot of apps in the App Store that are geared towards young girls who want to play dress up. It’s a favorite past time of little girls, and I know there’s a five-year-old in my house that just loves this app. What better endorsement can this type of app have than that? What makes this app great are all the little details they’ve thought of. Your little girl can choose just about every aspect of the models look: their clothing, their shoes, their hairstyle, their makeup, and even the shape of their chin! It will keep them occupied for hours!

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The only real problem I had with this app was the obtrusive ads within the main part of the app. They use banner ads that run along the bottom of the app and they’re quite large. I found myself accidently tapping on the ad on more than one occasion, which took me out of the app and into the App Store. My five-year-old had the same problem, and I can tell you she didn’t like it one bit. Perhaps this would have been less of a problem if they’d placed the ad at the top of the app, although it may have been placed at the bottom by design. There are also annoying pop-ups within the app from time to time.

Explore your Fashion Sense image

How it Works

When you first open the app you can choose from six different models to dress up. Once you make your selection you’re brought to a page that allows you to select many different aspects of your models look. There are three main categories you can select from. The first one is your models outfit. Do you think she’ll look better in a dress or jeans? The next option allows you to select your models makeup, eye color, skin tone, and even the shape of their chin! You can also change your models hair color and style in this category. The final category is where you choose your accessories such as earrings, shoes, and a bag.

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Once you’re done creating the perfect look for your model you can tap on the show button at the bottom to admire your handy work. You can also save your look or email a snapshot to a friend. They really have thought of everything to get your budding fashion designer started down the right path.

How it Works image

Modern Fashion:Dress Up And Make Up


Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Lots of different in-app dress up choices
  • Option to save and share your creation through email


  • Banner and pop-up ads can be a little annoying

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Modern Fashion: Dress Up and Make Up is a great little app for the budding fashion designer. It’s full of little details that make the experience for any little girl a lot of fun. The only real drawback is the persistent ads within the app.

Modern Fashion:Dress Up And Make Up

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