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Beer Fun app review: get a collection of facts and information about beer



Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world. The large number of people who enjoy this drink on a daily or weekly basis is clear proof that it is one of the most preferred drinks in the world. Beer Fun is an iOS application that is optimized to work perfectly on iPad and iPhone devices. It was created by Adysseus and English is the default language.

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Beer Fun


Get Incredible Facts About Beer

Beer fun is an app that is dedicated to providing information and facts that you probably do not know about beer. The developers have invested in an intuitive interface that is very easy to navigate. All the information and facts are displayed in a very simple manner; you just need to click on one of them to read the whole fact.

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The app runs on a huge database that is packed with millions of facts that is related to beer. The facts are written in a simple language that is very easy to understand even if English is not your native language. To avoid boredom, it is recommendable to scroll the list and read a couple of facts per day. You can write them down on your notebook for future reference. An example of a fact that still mesmerizes users is that the fear of an empty glass is called cenosillicaphobia.

Just like other iOS apps listed on App Store, this one does not affect the functionalism of your device. More importantly, it consumes very little power so you do not need to worry about longevity of your battery.

What Makes the App Unique

One of the supreme highlights that make Beer Fun unique and spectacular is that you can share some of the facts that you find intriguing with friends and colleagues through social media. The app will post the fact on your Facebook or Twitter wall once you provide it with your account details. The app is 100% secure so you can rest assured that your accounts are in safe hands. If you are not a fan of social media, you can send the fact via email.

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As mentioned earlier, the app has a very intuitive interface that makes it ideal for both new and experienced users. The entire app will only occupy 8.7MB of your memory space. Be sure to download it from the official App Store as other unaccredited sites are known to install the app plus some malware that can compromise your privacy and confidentiality.

The database is updated regularly in a bid to give users fresh facts always.

Beer Fun


Pros and Cons


  • Provides thousands of different facts about beer
  • Has a very user-friendly interface
  • Ability to share facts with friends via social media and email
  • No prior experience is required


  • There are none

Final Thoughts

Beer Fun is a reliable app that you can count on to furnish you with valuable information and facts about beer. 

Beer Fun

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