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Beer Pong HD app review: the most entertaining beer game is now on iTunes



Beer pong is no doubt one of the most exciting games that you can play as you enjoy your favorite drinks with friends and colleagues. App Holdings has developed a fun app, Beer Pong HD, that aims are revolutionizing how people play this game. The app is optimized to work seamlessly in iPhone and iPad devices. 

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Beer Pong HD: Drinking Game (Official Rules)


What to Expect

Beer Pong HD is an intuitive application that is tailored to enable players to take part in this game. Unlike in the past when one had to hold a party or go to a club to enjoy this game, the app allows players to take part in this game from anywhere in the world.

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The developers have incorporated a number of advanced graphics that creates a realistic gaming experience that will surely entertain you. The developers have also invested in physics parameters that are very realistic and hard to find in any other app in the market today.

You will be forgiven to think that the app does not require players to follow the stipulated rules. To give users the perfect experience, the game is tailored to ensure that all official rules as stipulated by World Series of Beer Pong are followed by the players.

Despite the amazing graphics, it is very easy to play the game, as you only need to pull it back, aim, and shoot. The great interface makes it an ideal choice for both new and experienced players. In fact, you can take part in it even when you have taken a few beers.

Features That Give Beer Pong HD an Upper Hand

One of the major attributes that give Beer Pong HD an advantage is the ability to play with friends while online or offline. The app also allows users to share their scores to the world through Game Center and OpenFeint feature. The app is programmed to record all the scores in real time and compiles them to form a High Scores list that you should strive to be listed on as you progress.

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The app offers 15 different tables and cups hence you do not have to use the same table over and over again. The online multi-player is very intuitive and exciting as it is clean and mess-free as compared to other conventional apps in the App Store today. There is also a counter that records the total number of cups that are scored throughout the world.

You do not need an Internet connection to play Beer Pong HD as you can still access all its feature and enjoy the game while offline.

Beer Pong HD: Drinking Game (Official Rules)


Pros and Cons


  • 15 different tables and cups to give you the ideal gaming experience
  • Exceptional graphics and physics to help you aim and score
  • Ability to play against real players while online
  • Leaderboard to motivate you along the way


  • You cannot change the rules but the future version will have customizable rules

Final Thoughts

Beer Pong HD is a great app that you can use to play this game. It has great graphics and offers an engaging gaming experience. 

Beer Pong HD: Drinking Game (Official Rules)

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