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Cookies Maker! app review: mix, make, and bake cookies with great graphics



Cookies Maker! is an iPhone and iPad kids baking app. Make cookies with a few taps. Mix, add toppings, and more!

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Cookies Maker!


Bake Your Treats

Cookies Maker! allows you to create delicious treats from mixing the butter, chocolate, flour, and other ingredients, to adding in toppings and designs for your sweet snacks. The images are realistic for each ingredient, and it’s a fun cooking game for kids of all ages. I had my daughters give it a try as they love baking and I love baking with them. My six-year-old especially loves baking apps. I really liked how excited she was to give it a try.

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As she tested it she was smiling, and took to it quickly. There have been some games that she tried that we couldn’t get going and needed me to help her with, but this was not one. I do feel that she likely had an advantage having played so many of the baking apps before, but this one is well-developed and straightforward. There were also more mixing of the ingredients, where as many other apps focus on decorating.

Start with the Best Ingredients

Cookies Maker! is a great app because it stresses the importance of good ingredients. Good butter, eggs, and delicious chocolate chips to mix together will make the food that much better. I really liked that they stressed the ingredients. There are also many different categories from Hallowe’en and Christmas through to staples like chocolate chip cookies. The app really has a lot of options. For example under Hallowe’en you will find cookies in chocolate or vanilla, and then you can choose from five cookie cutters, add icing, and create some crazy combinations to suit your child’s creative niche.

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As stated above, I had my girls try it out, and my two-year-old really enjoyed playing with it. She was putting ingredients into the bowl, mixing, rolling, and then cutting the cookies. After that you can put your cookies in the oven, take them off the sheet, and decorate. Each step and each ingredient is represented really well in a 3D image that is photo realistic image. There’s no guessing about what ingredient you are using as they’re each clearly labeled. The tools used to put them into the bowl are also accurate with scoops, measuring spoons, and measuring cups.

Cookies Maker!


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Ingredients are photo realistic and easily recognizable
  • Pour in ingredients, mix, bake, and decorate
  • Several different cookies to choose from


  • The cookie cutters, cookies, and some other parts are hard to move, but if you have patience and get the hang of it then this is a great app

Final Thoughts

Cookies Maker! is an iPhone and iPad baking app that lets kids create cookies of all sorts. Lots of kids love to bake, and this app provides many different options. The graphics are photo realistic and I appreciate how well they did rendering their app. Overall, this is a fun game for kids to play with and learn how to bake.


Cookies Maker!

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