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RGB Express app review: a mini-truck delivery game with problem-solving puzzles



RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle is an iPhone and iPad puzzle game that is super addictive. You run the RGB Express, and are the only one equipped to deliver the colors.

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RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle


How to Play

RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle is played by drawing routes for your drivers. You have to make sure that each house gets the right package, and then press play, and watch the deliveries happen. With 240 levels to compete, and more coming as free updates, this game will be playable for a long time!

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If you like beautiful Retina graphics, then this app will not let you down. The puzzles are challenging for players and there’s even a great soundtrack full of funny sounds. The developers have created a game that is easy to start to get you hooked, then increases in difficulty to challenge you. As the levels rise, bridges and buttons are introduced requiring you to move cargo from one truck to another. Eventually you will meet the mysterious white car and discover what a challenge the game really is.

Lots of Levels

Each level in RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle has a name such as Seattle, Boston, and Dallas. There are the first three worlds and each world has 10 levels to master. I got to world three level two before I was stumped enough to get back to writing the review. I like this kind of puzzle game where in you must draw a path and not overlap. This style also drives me batty in that I can try what I feel are all the options only to find that I missed the only answer. In the first levels, there are many different options, but as you go on in levels it naturally gets more difficult. If it didn’t then there wouldn’t be any point in playing, but I really enjoy the challenge that this style of game presents.

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I also like that the truck can hold more than one box. In some of these games the truck can only hold one box which complicates the level. More than making it from start to box to building, you can pick up multiple boxes and drop them off to the building, or multiple buildings. This is a fun aspect to the game.

RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Many levels, several worlds
  • Can pick up more than one box at a time
  • Don’t overlap the tracks


  • If you’re stuck there’s no hint option, and no help of any kind

Final Thoughts

RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle is an iPhone and iPad game that requires you to drive the delivery truck to the pick-up and then deliver the box to the building. Buildings have matching packages and colors, and I like the way the game just makes sense. It’s such a fun game, and if you’re a lover of the original Traffic Jam board game, then this related one will be great fun for you.


RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle

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