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iHelp Plus app review: an in-case-of-emergency tool



No one ever wants to think of an emergency situation happening to them but the fact is that they do happen so why not be prepared? The iHelp Plus app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to be a useful tool to store on your device just in case of an emergency. The first aid app puts your safety front and center and therefore is ideal for any person to have on their mobile device. In an emergency situation every little second can count.

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iHelp Plus: Personal Alarm, Panic Button and ICE Emergency Contact Information


Keep Your Safety as a Priority

The iHelp Plus app makes sure that your safety is always a priority and developers have described it as "portable OnStar." The app acts as your own personal security alarm system that is packed with a number of handy features and tools. The main components of this app are the quick contacts storage, an alarm feature, a delayed alarm, personal medical information, and a duress situation alarm. Additional the app features a flashlight, customization options, a tracking feature, and it is able to provide users with 24/7 monitoring.

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The way this app works is that you are given one month for free of "self-monitoring" to try it out and explore what it has to offer. After that you can purchase a subscription for $6.99 per month and it will give you 24/7 monitoring. Additional subscription options are available and are priced from $0.99 to $79.99. The last update was almost a year ago when some small bug fixes were made. It has 4.5 out of five stars from users who enjoy its ease-of-use and how many different functions it offers.

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Using the App

The iHelp Plus app offers a number of different features but one of the most importan is the alarm tool. With this tool you will be able to use either a silent or audible alarm, you can send out a distress signal to the monitoring center any time of the day or night, there is a five second countdown, and you can send out a PSAP number with your location. There is also the delayed alarm you can set up and will send a distress alarm to the monitoring center. The duress situation function is meant to be used in those situations where you find yourself in trouble and it will send out a silent alarm without any one being able to see it on your device. You’ll find that all the tools and functions are quick and easy to set up, which is exactly what is needed in an offering like this.

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iHelp Plus: Personal Alarm, Panic Button and ICE Emergency Contact Information


Pros and Cons


  • The app is filled with a variety of emergency related tools
  • The tools are all quick and simple to use
  • The app provides users with 24/7 monitoring services


  • The app is free as a one-month trial and from there you need to purchase a subscription

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Final Words

The iHelp Plus is first aid app for your iPad and iPhone will ensure that if you’re faced with an emergency situation you have the communication tools that can end up saving your life.

iHelp Plus: Personal Alarm, Panic Button and ICE Emergency Contact Information

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