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i-Hear Free Aid app review: the best iPhone hearing aid app



Losing your hearing capability is one of the worst ailments that you can suffer, as you will not be able to hold fruitful conversations. Idan Sheetrit, a renowned iOS app developer, has come up with a smart app, i-Hear free aid that will help improve your hearing capabilities. The app is available in three default languages: English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. 

The best iPhone and iPad apps for the deaf and hearing impaired

i-Hear Free - Hearing Aid


The Best iPhone Hearing Aid App

i-Hear free aid is a smart that will help in ensuring that you will never miss a sentence or word when having a conversation with friends and colleagues. The app is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch.

Best iphone and ipad apps

This app review would not be complete without the mention of the great interface that the developers have come up with. By choosing this app, you will be able to access all its unique capabilities without changing any settings on your device. Unlike other conventional apps, this one does not affect the functionalism of the app nor the battery. This is based on the fact that it does not consume a lot of energy. In fact, you will not need to charge your battery over and over again but it is prudent to ensure that the battery always has enough charge to get maximum benefits from it.

The fact that it is available in three different default languages means that it can be used by millions of people from all across the globe. 

What Gives i-Hear Free Aid an Upper Hand in the Market

Simplicity of this app is one of the major attributes that give this app a higher cutting edge in the market. All you have to do is insert your earphones and launch it to start enjoying all its features. The programmers did put a lot of effort in the app creation process as evident from its ability to work perfectly even when used by people who have never used a hearing aid in the past.

Unlike other apps, this one is designed to pick up all the sounds in your locality and amplifies it to suit your capability. However, it is recommendable to control the sound volume to avoid affecting your hearing capabilities even further.

You do not have to pay a penny to use it as it is 100% free. However, to access additional features such as frequency filters, just click the upgrade button to get the premium version. It is recommendable to start by using the free version before using the premium version to get first-hand information on how it works.

What Gives i-Hear Free Aid an Upper Hand in the Market image

i-Hear Free - Hearing Aid


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to amplify the sound depending on your location
  • Upgrade button that you can use to get premium version
  • Great interface
  • Ideal for both new and experienced users


  • It is recommendable to consult a professional health care provider before using the app to cushion yourself from any negative implications

Final Thoughts

i-Hear Free is a reliable app that you can use to improve your hearing capability. It is safe and convenient for all users. 

i-Hear Free - Hearing Aid

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