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7-Min Workout app review: get fit in as little as seven minutes a day



7-Min Workout is an iPhone and iPad exercise coach that will help you get fit and feel great. Timers for exercise and timers for rest help you stay on track.

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7Min 7 Minute Workout



7-Min Workout has been scientifically formulated and was featured in the New York Times. The studies show that in as little as seven minutes a day you can improve your fitness, health, and outlook on life. Exercise has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses as well as the more obvious physical wellness. The app works by selecting your exercises and setting a 30-second timer for your hard work, and then a 10-second timer for rest. During the 10 seconds, the app also gives you a heads-up as to what exercise will be next so you can set up or skip to one you feel is more appropriate. Or, if you get a phone call or other distraction, pause it.

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The app will also give you voice prompts so you can do the exercises without looking at your device. I find watching my device to be extremely distracting, although I do like to watch the countdown when it’s a wall sit or other strenuous exercise. The Apple TV is also supported so you can use the app like an exercise video. It’s very versatile.

Get Fit Efficiently

The idea behind 7-Min Workout is that you can get fit in as little as seven minutes a day. I love that they are encouraging people with little-to-no time to get exercising. It’s hard to get started when you’re already overwhelmed with all of the things you have to do in a day. If you start small with a seven-minute workout in the morning or after you get the kids to bed, then it’ll quickly become a way of life that you will truly enjoy.

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I also like that you can start small and build. If you don’t feel that seven minutes is enough or have been working on your fitness and need more exercise, then go for it! Keep on going with your workout, and become more fit in the process. I really enjoy how easy it is to use this app, however, you can’t set the exercises to exclude some that you cannot do physically. For example, if you are unable to do dips due to a shoulder injury, you will have to skip it each time.

7Min 7 Minute Workout


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Lots of different exercises put together into seven-minute workouts
  • Set your time to 30 seconds or another time to increase or decrease difficulty
  • Set rest to 10 seconds or another rest period if you wish


  • Can’t turn off any of the exercises, so if you are unable you will have to keep skipping them

Final Thoughts

7-Min Workout is an iPhone and iPad fitness app that will help you to get more fit, more healthy, and more happy in as little as seven minutes. If you want to workout more, then head into a second set, but if you are rushed, then at least you’ve dedicated seven minutes to yourself.


7Min 7 Minute Workout

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