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AOL Radio app review: offering fresh streaming music to your mobile device



AOL Radio is a hybrid music streaming application that combines the power of Slacker radio platform with the stability of AOL streaming music. The merger paves the way for an app that is new and fresh. This app offers hundreds of radio stations across multiple genres with impressive new features including customizable stations, in-depth artist bios, and more. Powered by Slacker and developed by AOL for iOS, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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AOL Radio


What to Expect from the New AOL Radio App

A totally redesigned interface is the first thing that you will notice when you use AOL Radio. The clutter and confusing layouts are gone. The new interface features a professional look with easy-to-use navigation and workflow. These new upgrades allow you to quickly find hundreds of music stations.

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The Home screen lists the name of available radio stations with sharing options for Facebook and Twitter. You can navigate to the music genres section in one tap. Your previously opened stations or recently played music can be accessed from the History bar.

The design of this app has become a lot simpler so you can focus more on listening to your favorite songs.

Features of AOL Radio

AOL Radio offers hundreds of live streaming music stations curated by the top music experts of AOL and Slacker. The app offers dozens of music genres from pop, rock, soul, jazz, metal, R&B, reggae, hip-hop, and more. No matter what music genre you like, the app has the right station for you. You can even listen to news and sports updates by tuning in to ABC News and ESPN.

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One of the best features of this app is the individual artist station. This section offers a comprehensive bio of your favorite artist. There is also a playlist of the most popular songs of your favorite artists so you can enjoy non-stop listening.

You can personalize a station to match your own preference. The Fine Tuning feature of this app allows you to select or combine stations and create a custom list of artist stations.

AOL Radio supports AirPlay. It allows you to stream your music to any AirPlay supported external device including Apple TV. The app also supports different connectivity options including Wifi, 3G, and 4G.

And lastly, AOL Radio offers free unlimited listening pleasure. You don’t need to worry about monthly limits because the app delivers free streaming music 24/7 for the whole year without conditions. 

AOL Radio


Pros and Cons


  • Offers hundreds of stations
  • More than two dozen genres
  • Custom artist stations
  • Unlimited free listening
  • Allows personalization of music stations
  • Artist bio and station descriptions
  • Crisp and clear audio
  • Supports AirPlay
  • Multi-language support
  • Offers social sharing options via Facebook and Twitter


  • No shuffle button
  • Needs additional World music stations

Final Thoughts

AOL Radio changes the way you listen to streaming music. This app offers the best selection of music stations and artist stations. It offers a totally new interface that improves your radio listening habits. If you are looking for a free and full-featured mobile radio app, then AOL Radio is perfect for you.


AOL Radio

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