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The Selfish Giant app review: a great bedtime fairytale



The Selfish Giant – bedtime fairy tale Interactive Book by iBigToy is an iPad book for kids to enjoy interactive pages, and lots of sounds and animation.

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The Selfish Giant - bedtime fairy tale Interactive Book by iBigToy


Read a Story to Your Child

The Selfish Giant is a bedtime story about a giant who is having trouble with being selfish. The story tells of a giant who comes to the village again and again to visit and creates tension because he wants things his way. The story has some interactive parts on each page, but not as much as the description suggests. When you’re creating an interactive children’s book with touch-activated objects on each page, there’s really no reason not to make all of the characters animated. I have seen many ebooks for kids that are fully interactive, and that’s awesome for my tap-happy kids.

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I will say though that the narration is nicely done. It’s smooth, and the transition between paragraphs is also nice. Some ebooks have huge blocks of text for kids to stare at and it’s hard to digest for them. This book has the text appear three to four lines at a time. There isn’t a guide line, highlight, or otherwise, but at least there is less text to not overwhelm.

Bonding Time Together

Ebooks such as The Selfish Giant help parents to bond with their child. Not all parents are able to read, but ebooks provide a better solution than no reading at all, and can help parents gain confidence to read to their child. Oftentimes kids will start learning to read as their parents repeat back the words. Additionally, there are two options: Read to Me or Read to Self. I appreciate this option as kids can start to read to themselves too.

The best bedtime story apps for iPad

There are a lot of great options in this book, and I appreciate the variety of animations that go along with the well-done illustrations. They are colorful, easy to view, and my kids loved them.

The Selfish Giant - bedtime fairy tale Interactive Book by iBigToy


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Multimedia-filled
  • Great story
  • Read to Me or Read to Self option
  • Text given in three- to four-line bites rather than the whole selection at once


  • No highlight or guide as to which word is being read

Final Thoughts

The Selfish Giant - Interactive Book by iBigToy is an iPad ebook that will get your kids reading and lots of one-on-one time with parents to help you bond. Reading to your child is a very important thing to do, and if you are not the best reader, then you will be able to read and interact with them using ebooks such as this one. I appreciate the touch-react animations, but the description suggests that there would be a lot more. I would like more, but my kids took it as a challenge to find the interactive parts. Overall, this is a great story that my kids enjoyed.


The Selfish Giant - bedtime fairy tale Interactive Book by iBigToy

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