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HotPads Rentals app review: find homes and apartments for rent fast



Finding an apartment or home that you can rent can be a time consuming affair if you use the traditional home-searching methods. has successfully managed to develop an application, HotPads Rentals, that is tailored to redefine the manner in which iPhone and iPad users looking for apartments when planning to relocate. English is the default language but soon it will be available in a couple of languages.

The best iPhone apps for real estate

HotPads - Apartment Rentals


The Best Way to Find an Apartment or Home for Rent

HotPads Rentals is an amazing iOS application that has helped thousands of people to find their dream homes without spending a fortune. One of the major features that give it a higher cutting edge in the market is the interactive maps that it generates every time one clicks on a particular home or apartment that is listed.

The best iPhone and iPad apps for house and apartment hunting

The app goes a step further to help you budget by giving you the current price of various apartments as well as the location and name. All you need to do is follow the map and details to locate the apartment. To make the right decision, it is prudent to compare and contrast the price tags on various homes and apartments. Be on the lookout for great deals such as discounts offered by real estate companies to reduce your total expenditure.

It is almost impossible to choose an apartment without any images or pictures. The developers understand this fact too well as evident from the high definition images of each home or apartment that is listed on the database.

Best Features of HotPads Rental Application

The dynamic search feature that allows one to customize the results is one of the major attributes that give this app a higher cutting edge in the market. Unlike other similar apps, this one allows users to search for apartments based on the price, amenities, rooms, and even street address. Each apartment has a brief description to furnish you with all the information you need to make the right decision.

The best iPhone and iPad apps for house and apartment hunting

HotPads rentals will also send you regular updates through your email address every time a new apartment is added to the database. It is wise to check in regularly to get your dream home or apartment. To ensure that only relevant information is sent to you, the app uses your previous search details. It is also possible to bookmark and add some of the apartments to your favorite list in just one click.

It is also important to note that all information is first verified before being added to the database to ensure that you get accurate details every time you use launch the app.

HotPads - Apartment Rentals


Pros and Cons


  • High-definition images of apartments
  • Intuitive maps that is easy to interpret
  • Regular updates are sent to your email address
  • Gorgeous interface that is easy to navigate


  • It does not provide details on various real estate agents around your area

Final Thoughts

HotPads Rentals app is one of the best tools that you find apartments and homes for rent. No prior experience is needed to derive the most use.

HotPads - Apartment Rentals

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