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Twenty-Four Hours a Day app review: a meditation tool for recovery



If you are currently in recovery and you're looking for ways to help you through those tough times and provide you with inspiration this next app may be of some use. The Twenty-Four Hours a Day app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives you the ability to take part in meditation any time you want. The app is loaded with 366 meditations which means you can read a new one each day if your like. The meditations are taken straight from the 24 Hours a Day book, which is a best-selling novel, and was specifically designed for those who are currently in recovery from an addiction.

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Twenty-Four Hours a Day: Classic Meditations for People in Recovery


Lean on this Offering

Here's an app you can really lean on and look towards if you happen to be in recovery for addiction. The Twenty-Four Hours a Day app is designed to keep your sobriety as the number one priority and provides you daily meditations that can help you stay focused and strong. It's meant to provide users with a spiritual and inspirational experience and has been set up to be quick and very easy to use. It’s not about the bells and whistles, the added tools, or high-tech features, with this app it is strictly about the content itself.

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This app has just been updated with some design changes, there is now a calendar button so you can reach a particular reading, there is a daily reminder notification, and it has been updated to be compatible with iOS 8. The app has a perfect five star rating from users who have called it great and very helpful.

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Making Your Way Around

Making your way around the Twenty-Four Hours a Day app couldn't be any easier thanks to this smooth and user-friendly interface. Use the swipe functionality to move from one meditation to the next, bookmark any of the ones that you want to go back to, and you can even share the meditations through email.

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Each day you'll receive a reminder notification so that you don't forget to check the meditation, you can search the meditations by keyword, and if you want you can view a particular one by using the Calendar tool. There are fun tools as well such as the ability to customize the size of the font and if you want to shake things up you can literally do just that by shaking your device. Doing this will display a random meditation on the screen.

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Twenty-Four Hours a Day: Classic Meditations for People in Recovery


Pros and Cons


  • Move though the meditations with ease either by swiping, searching by keyword, using the calendar tool, or giving your device a shake
  • Bookmark your favorite meditations
  • Share meditations by email
  • The app offers 366 meditations
  • Receive a daily reminder notification


  • The overall look of the app is quite basic but this is done so that the content shines

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Final Words

The Twenty-Four Hours a Day app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created for those recovering from addiction as a way to inspire and help them with their journey.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day: Classic Meditations for People in Recovery

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